Beijing property market: the south fourth ring is still worth buying these real estate, investment must know

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I am a senior real estate investment expert in Beijing.At present, it has provided the best solution for more than 10,000 people to buy a house.Sister Fang is not like other we media to make you feel confused!Sister Fang belongs to the practical school and only says the most useful operation and advice for you.The following content from the public, | fan q&a attention “elder sister” Beijing room WeChat public, join knowledge planet “Beijing buy” questions, craigslist, the entire guide to buy a house to ask: housing elder sister good:Newcomer first asked, children go to school in dongcheng historians, want to buy a house near independent, also want to balance investment, after graduation to sell to children, because of the old man, so is given priority to with three or two house in, budget 800-1000, near the east second looked at the old broken small turned south side street on sunshine city, outside the blue-chip names, happy, happy garden,Which one is better?Or a better recommendation?Answer: 1. Yijing Garden is the export apartment of that year, the property fee is high, the apartment type is not very good, the personnel is miscellaneous, do not touch 2.Blue-chip names this little environment, street on both sides. Office crowd, this kind of house or poorly, avoided auspicious in the plot is good, can the shipping warehouse and the sunshine city also can be a good digg it to ask: beautiful elder sister, please evaluate whether the south fourth ring day yue one worth buying answer: say this dish of advantages:The project is located next to Xingong Subway station on the South Fourth Ring Road, and the nearest one is Wanda Plaza. 2. The apartment design of the project is good, which is of large improved type.1. At present, the surrounding environment is poor, and there are many returning houses. 2.From the perspective of investment, the cost performance is general, and self-living can be started. Pay attention not to buy a row on the east side and a row on the south side. There is a subway after asking: Hello, I have two sets of 90 square meters of two new commercial houses in the core area of Qingdao.15 years to buy, paid off the loan.There is also a demolition return house is a new house.All three apartments are subway rooms.Recently I found in the shell in the same area or the same community of more than 130 sets of three square houses the unit price is significantly higher than 90 flat sets of two thousand to 2000, and the number of people are also significantly more.Some of the new communities even appear 90 flat 2 houses sold for less than 18 years at that time, while the large flat 3 is relatively strong.Want to ask, in the future 90 flat set 2 is not as good as big square set 3 have appreciation value?At present, I plan to sell two sets of 90 square meters and purchase the 181 square meters of Meixi City with a loan, with a total price of 10.5 million yuan.Keep one set for later depending on the economic situation to decide whether to sell again.I want to ask, is it right that I sell it like this?Meixi city laoshan known as the last piece of luxury lot, unit price 58,000-59,000 to buy here appropriate?The floor I chose was 3rd floor (only 3rd floor left) with a total height of 15 floors.The south floor is 10 storeys high.I went to the site to see the light does not affect.Is this house suitable?Answer: there are several factors affecting the unit price of large area and small area. The final market transaction price is the result of the comprehensive influence of these factors. It is not rigorous to draw a conclusion simply.For example, what is good for the unit price of small area is the common value contained in a single suite, such as registered permanent residence, school, parking space, community environment, property quality and surrounding supporting facilities. No matter whether your house is 50 square meters or 300 square meters, as long as you buy it here, all of these will be available.If these common values can be worth 2 million, the pull of the unit price of small apartment is naturally greater than that of large apartment.The second factor is the principle of diminishing marginal utility of area.When using for self-living, there is an area segment: lower than this segment, the functionality will be weak, such as a room only suitable for single aristocrats, not suitable for the vast majority of families with children;Higher than this section, the increased area is to improve comfort, rather than an indispensable function, on the basis of 200 square meters and more 30 square meters, 50 square meters of pleasure is obviously not as big as the basis of 70 square meters, so the back of the 30, 50 square meters is obviously not as valuable as the front of the 30, 50 square meters.The third factor is specific to a plate, a real estate customer portrait, as well as the resulting analysis of product supply and demand in each section.For example, the main housing type of a real estate is 2, 3 rooms, and 178 flat 4 rooms only 23 building west set this room number, and in the urban area of 4 rooms 178 flat area has been quite compact, so now in the era of two children, a lot of people need, supply is very few, the price will be very high.In fact, yongye phase 2 of this 4 room listing and transaction unit price are higher than 2, 3 rooms.The fourth factor is the positioning between different housing types, the target customer group itself has stratification, the product is very different, can say that in addition to the same community or even the same building, the rest looks like two products.The fifth factor, large area low unit price is mainly applied to the situation in large cities.In most of the second – and third-tier cities, a new round of urbanization has just begun, because of the second – and third-tier unit price low price low, prices are far from purchasing power limit, the house is in a stage of consumer goods, so the demand of the masses are basically new improve plate, so parts of three possible rooms are more expensive than fannie mae and Freddie MAC, fannie and Freddie more expensive than a room.Once the price rises, the total price constraint is generated, the housing price begins to exceed the stage of mass consumer goods, and the driving force of real estate purchase shifts from consumption to asset preservation and appreciation, and the unit price of small apartment starts to reverse.Above 5 million, it is suggested to give priority to the first tier cities.Ask: room elder sister hello!I am now living in Area 2, South Lake East Garden, Wangjing. Currently, I am a small two house. Chen Jinglun is available in the community, which is considered as a school district house in Wangjing.The capital in hand can be about 200;I was going to change my apartment at the end of last year, but it hasn’t been done yet.At the beginning of the current school district housing has risen a lot, we want to change the small three house wangjing school district is less likely.Can I just ask, are we going to wait and see for a few years before we move to a bigger school district?The shortcoming of the present house is that it is a little bit smaller, and everything else is very convenient.And that’s why we didn’t move.Or is it something strong enough?But I didn’t think it was worth it. It would cost about $3 million, the neighborhood wasn’t new, and the school was the same.Answer: you are able to meet the demand of living on your own, and there is no strong desire for replacement.So let’s simplify this a little bit. Should WE invest $2 million in real estate?If you have other sources of money or good income growth in the next few years, there is no rush to change, and the house can be used to deposit assets in a few years, which can also meet the replacement needs.Otherwise, I suggest reaching as high as you can. What you can get now, the same bullet probably won’t be able to get in a few years.Ask: the new appointee first ask, was not answered, third ask!Beijing aborigine, with a child of 5 months, registered permanent residence in Dongcheng, old Chongwen area, daughter-in-law works in a public institution near Chongwenmen, regardless of school district, two sets of qualifications.Now I live in Huawei Xili. I have bought a public house, 63 square meters. Line 17 downstairs is under construction.Want to replace a set of 90-120 flat about the second new, both living quality and a certain value of value (at least run flat market) down payment control in the 500 or so, want to try to still in this area near, children go to school and daughter-in-law to work more convenient transportation.Turn around for a long time and watched the south fangzhuang, ChengShou temple, north have seen double Wells, DaWang Road, east east seen centuries, but otherwise is the unit price is too high, buy less than ideal area, or that the poor quality of some, is now seen feeling relatively well fontaine estates on the side of bicyclic, tricyclic century at the edge of the beautiful scenery of the east and the fourth at the edge of the east.How should I choose, please?In addition to the above three, is there any other more suitable location or community?In addition, I want to wait two years before replacement, one is because my child is too young, and the other is to wait until line 17 is fully opened to traffic. Would you please tell me whether there will be certain room for improvement in Huawei Xili after the subway is opened to traffic?Is it as soon as possible or can it wait?Answer: Fang Dan yuan residential area is ok, but there is no what bright spot, there is a car is also ok, there is no car to go to the subway station is quite far.Belong to chaoyang, the price does not calculate tall, rise commonly.Beautiful scenery east, near the building is not much of commodity house, although that is a little older, but peripheral traffic can also, liquidity is good also, worth long-held century eastern location is a little partial, into is not recommended when subway construction, good has been cashed, good will be reflected in prices, generally open to traffic when there would be no big gains.Your down payment is sufficient now, wait for two years to have to tread empty risk, now can properly pull high leverage into a set of high total price mark, used to meet the needs of more than 5 years of self-living, the future also need not consider changing a room to ask: the new man first ask!Hello, sister Fang!I am currently newly married, wife Beijing household, no children.The family already has a house in Beijing.I’m thinking about buying a second home.Prepare to sell a set of Wuhan school district housing, gather together to bullet 200W-250W.Ask room elder sister to show maze, recommend to see whether Beijing has appropriate real estate or area (mark 400-450).The hope is that the faster growth plate with good liquidity.In the future, I want to gradually replace the west city.At present I see the vision of the garden in the guang ‘anmen area, 48 square meters, the west of the middle school district, no gas, quoted 4.25 million.Can I get it, please?Is there any more recommended area?In addition, I have the qualification of the first real estate first loan in Shenzhen, and I can also invest in Wuhan through my parents.Excuse me below this kind of circumstance is to buy Beijing to buy Shenzhen or buy growth faster in Wuhan?Answer: 1. After the New Deal in Shenzhen trading volume has been cut in half, in the next 2 years there is also a large probability of Yin fall, rising after the wave of callback, now there is no need to take over 2.Wuhan 400-450 target belongs to the ultimate improvement plate, can choose not much is not suitable for investment, unless the demolition into two sets of 200+ target, focus on the East and West Lake plate 3.In addition to the attributes of the school district, there is no residential value. The plate has been solidified and there is no growth. You do not have the needs of the school district in the short-term.Beijing is the first choice for cities wuhan is the second choice for citiesNew person first ask, have purchase qualification, SFSD, down payment of about 1 million, self-living plus investment, region is not limited, and so on 5 years to consider again change, excuse me room sister recommendation?Should I get on at the end of the year or next year?Thank you for answering: Hello, a lot of selling at the end of the year, plus at the end of the least buyers, so fewer competitors.There were too many buyers at the beginning of the year, and the increase was concentrated in March to June.Fengtai: Zhonghai Yuxinge, Third Ring New Town, Chaoyang: Fangu Water County, Xuante Garden can pay attention to questions:Elder sister, hello, pay attention to you for a long time, now have a question want to consult with you Currently has a 71 square meter apartment in wide canal homes, at present market price 570 120 loan, commercial residential apartment on chang 6 of 40 square meters, integral, because want to move to the city six zone, before you recommend as well, so to understand e-town problem 1.Do I temporarily buy a one-bedroom in Yizhuang, rent a house in the city, and then change back to dongcheng or Xicheng children to go to school after settling in the points, or buy a school district house in Yizhuang?2. If I go to Yizhuang in one step, should I choose Shanghai Salon or Jinmaoyue?Buy limited competitive housing or second-hand housing?Recommend once, the broad canal gatehouse went out, want the first payment control to answer in 5 million: 1.The school district of Yizhuang and xicheng are not comparable, it depends on your attention to education, you need to make your own decisions 2.Yizhuang suggested that Jinmaoyue belongs to the School district attached to Renmin University, and the future appreciation is guaranteed.Room madam, coordinates of nanjing, the bullet around 800000, the first set of 3 into qualified to be in, because now work in shenzhen, and big probability will be in deep workers in recent years, so no more investment, had planned to play new core area in the north of the new residence, but now nanjing new homes are at least five as down payment, hot plate is as high as 8 into, it was the dust.So want to change ideas, choose jiangning core area hundred lake, Jiulong Lake near the Hang yue Fu, Poly Central Park and dongdu International youth city of the second new house will be a good choice?On the one hand, I think the second-hand house can at least 30% down payment, affordable. On the other hand, I see the rent of the surrounding house is acceptable, which can help relieve part of the monthly payment pressure.But I don’t know if the housing price in this area has peaked.Is there room for further gains in the next few years?Thanks for your clarification!Answer: If there is a slight weakness in capital, we can consider the southern New Town, focusing on the South Railway Station New Town plate. If there is a slight weakness, we will consider Jiangning, focusing on baijia Lake and Jiulong Lake plate.Nanchang municipal government has planned a lot of supporting facilities in Jiulong Lake, which has a high starting point, large frame, finance, leisure, business, entertainment and high-tech construction, and is planned to accommodate 500,000 people in the early stage.This is the original stock, at least it will not decline. Many large projects, such as Ping An Financial Building and VR base, are located in Jiulong Lake. Large hospital resources and educational resources are also being poured into Jiulong Lake.Prices are not very high compared to other parts of Nanchang, and jiulong Lake should also develop better in the next few years.The biggest advantage of second-hand housing is to pay early, take the birth certificate early, time is money.The earlier the transaction, the two, the five, the earlier.The earlier you check in, the more money you’ll save.And the surrounding environment supporting can see.Poly Central Park is a priority.Nanchang investment to buy a high value of the real estate recommendation, see inside the planet knowledge.Question: Sister Fang mentioned before that she works at Baidu, and her wife and children live in Chongqing.Now the down payment of 2 million, buy chongqing small apartment investment money in Beijing inside the down payment.The first house two loans, buy back the dragon tank new dragon city a house?How about maintaining and increasing value?You can?Answer: Beijing 2 sets does not affect, Beijing buys a few sets to be able to borrow enough to appraise value 6-7 into, major 7 into.2 million down payment, choose to raise to choose, do a good job of evaluation and loans, can buy a total price of more than 5 million of the target, 5 million in Huilongguan, can already buy huilongguan’s four houses, national wind beauty tang/park Yue Fu such 2-3 houses.Or the east fourth ring of the youth road, baiziwan and other lots 2-3 rooms better.New dragon city density is higher, not have to can not choose.The above content from the public, | fans q&a on Beijing room “elder sister” WeChat public, join knowledge planet “Beijing to buy a house” there questions, craigslist, the whole number guide to buy a house and have inventory investment ratio of the highest buildings in Beijing.Help to provide selection, bargaining, loan and other professional advice, full guidance to buy a house.Tailor your property investment plan to suit you.