Why do financial bloggers recommend this book?After reading, I have distilled 10 knowledge points

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It often appears in the recommendation book list of major financial bloggers, it occupies the high score list of investment books all the year round. It is known as the guiding light of investment index funds. At the same time, it is also the most detailed, complete, theoretical and practical combination of nanny-style investment and financial management course on the market.Yes, it is the Index Fund Investment Guide.Today, Guan guan will help you refine 10 knowledge points, so that you quickly get to the essence of the book, without saying much, immediately get to the point!1, the most suitable way for ordinary people to invest in financial management in front of a long list of analysis skipped, we directly say that the conclusion is to invest in index funds, because the index is not as risky as individual stocks, it contains a lot of individual stocks, even Buffett all advocate the purchase of index funds.The bank screws in the book point out that you need to accumulate assets to become rich, and that index funds are the best assets for ordinary people to buy.2. What are the categories of index funds?The most common classification is divided into broad – base index and industry index.Broad-based index funds don’t have restrictions on which sectors they can invest in when they pick stocks, as industry index funds do.3, what is the wide base index?The most representative broad base index in China has these: SSE 50, large-cap stocks, only SSE 300, large-cap stocks, both SSE and SHENZHEN 500, medium-sized companies based on gem, small entrepreneurial companies 4, what are the industry indexes?According to the industry division can be divided into many categories, we still summarize some common industry indexes, such as: consumption, medical care, new energy, finance, Internet technology, banking, securities, insurance, real estate and so on.In these categories, consumption and medical care belong to the excellent industries that are naturally more likely to make money, and new energy, which is more popular in the past two years, has also attracted attention.5. Comparison between broad base index and industry index?Compared with the two, the broad base index difficulty is lower, the industry index is more difficult.At the beginning of contact with index funds, it is recommended to start from a broad base index, accumulated enough experience and then involved in the industry index fund.6, small white can begin to invest from cast cast is to point to be in fixed time, buy a fund in batches with fixed amount, on time frequency, cast every week and every month cast difference is not big, to the person that contacts fund for the first time, priority cast wide base index fund.When it comes to investing, it’s always about Warren Buffett and his value investing. You can buy index funds using low-valuation value investing strategies just as well.Buy when the index is undervalued and sell when it is overvalued to raise the overall yield.8, remember frequent operation whether it is field fund or over-the-counter fund, frequent operation will produce a lot of fees, less money spent is equal to the money earned.9, do a good job of family asset allocation is very important do not use all the money to buy funds, do not put a lot of money into a variety of investment, to allocate good money funds, bonds, high-risk funds and low risk funds accounted for the proportion of their respective.10, do a good job of long-term investment psychological preparation to buy index is to buy the country, investment funds can not make you suddenly rich, but you can enjoy the dividend brought by the country’s economic growth!Hello everyone, I am Guan Guan, a lifelong reading, committed to financial freedom of the operator!