Red flag HS5 parity sales, can test drive

2022-05-14 0 By

The tail as a whole looks more simple is also more conventional design, exhaust is a double double design.And big lamp group used up and down stratified type design, appear more powerful.From the new car appearance design, the new car can not find the shadow of cash red flag products, a large number of broken line modeling elements and movement of the front bar, to build a very young, fashionable front face.In the interior, HONGqi HS5 adopts the popular dual-screen design of 12.3-inch LCD instrument panel and central control screen, and the air conditioning control area is also controlled by multimedia touch screen.In addition, the new car has been replaced with a new style of three-frame multi-function steering wheel and a simpler electronic handle.After entering the car, the interior design of red Flag HS5 will also give people a fresh feeling, double 12.3 inch LCD instrument and central control screen using the current popular screen design, looks very scientific and technological sense.Before this, on Beijing auto show, faw red flag brand held a “space magic” big show, this is also the first product under brand-new platform.This kind of space also belongs to the excellent level in the same level of models, ensuring the wide and luxurious of the entire interior.”It’s the same in practice, with good head and legroom in both the front and back seats, and a low central floor bulge in the back seat that makes it comfortable even when full.”At the same time, with this engine matching is a 6 block hand since the integral gearbox, the change.In high speed cornering the body posture can get enough support, but also accurate steering, chassis is solid enough.Secondly, there is a slight setback in the 6-shift automatic transmission at low speed, but fortunately the ride performance is still satisfactory, and the overall driving texture has reached the level that a medium-sized SUV should have.