In Maoming, three people were sentenced to prison after a brawl caused by a brawl involving a man who said dirty words in the bathroom of a barbecue restaurant

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In the early morning of March last year, Huang in Maoming a barbecue restaurant next to the toilet, Han pushed the door into the urine, Huang this heart dissatisfaction, the two sides had a quarrel back to the barbecue restaurant, Huang came to Han, Zhang asked for an apology.Both sides in the process of reasoning, Huang scolded a rough word, causing Han, Zhang angry not to accept, then picked up a beer bottle to beat Huang, Huang also holds a beer bottle to beat Han.Both sides of the scene together to eat midnight snack personnel immediately also with beer bottles, stools and other items involved in fighting…….The scene was chaotic, causing customers to run away four times, and the stools and dishes of the barbecue restaurant were smashed, causing economic losses to the owner.Through the forensic identification of Huang, Han in the fight both sides were slightly injured.Originally a party of friends, everyone happy to go out to have a barbecue, drink a few glasses of beer, to be happy, is a very common thing.When Hwang went to the bathroom next to a barbecue restaurant, Han pushed the door to urinate, causing an argument and causing a fight between the two sides.After the incident, Han, Zhang compensation for the economic loss of the barbecue shop 2500 yuan, and obtain understanding.Hwang s family apologized to the owner of the barbecue restaurant and reached an understanding.An apology is a compensation for the damage caused by the owner of the barbecue restaurant, but the court does not need to pursue criminal punishment because of the compensation.The judge thinks after hearing, the defendant huang mou, Han Mou, Zhang mou three people, in order to vent their emotions, try to be brave and play the bully, borrow the matter to give birth to non, both sides gang armed, chase beat others.Three people seriously affect the public order, the circumstances are bad, their behavior has constituted the crime of picking quarrels and provoking trouble, should be severely punished.Lao Zhang’s point of view: as we all know, fighting is a serious act of picking quarrels and provoking troubles, which also seriously affects public order.A lot of young people, always think that their blood is just, not afraid of heaven, not afraid of the earth, even the emperor dare to dismount.If someone and their own can not go down, pick up the “guy” to go up, would rather head, broken blood, also do not admit defeat.In the end, the loser went to the hospital and lay flat, and the winner went to the jail, not lying flat, but squatting.The judge based the facts of the three defendants’ crimes, the nature of the crimes, the circumstances of the crimes and the degree of harm to society.The judge then made a first instance judgment in accordance with the law: Huang mou committed the crime of provoking trouble, sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of seven months;Han mou crime of picking quarrels and provoking trouble, sentenced to seven months in prison;Zhang mou made the crime of picking quarrels and provoking troubles, sentenced to six months imprisonment.Old zhang thinks: the case is very simple, the case is also very simple thing, because a person goes to the toilet squat pit to pull big then, a small strong enters to pull pee, caused the quarrel, caused the occurrence of the case.Is the so-called: people have three urgent, endure a calm ah, step back wide sky!People have three urgent can endure, unfortunately, their hands and feet in the end are unable to resist, actually moved to play the 1990s Hong Kong TV drama street rotten boy fight scene.What was supposed to be solved by a simple “sorry” turned out to be an “all-out action.”The small friction turned into a crowd brawl, resulting in injuries on both sides, and three people were punished by the law.As an ancient saying goes, “Blame yourself as you would blame others, and forgive others as you would forgive yourself.”The presiding judge told the general public, encounter contradictions and disputes in life, perspective-taking problems.A little more forgiveness, a little less coarse language, pay attention to mouth morality, civilized language.Don’t be impulsive, don’t be a “hero” and regret for life.The two sides should understand each other and settle the dispute by peaceful means. Otherwise, they will be subject to legal sanctions, financial penalties and compensation for losses.What do you think about that?Leave a comment in the comments section and let the world hear your voice.