Still worried about being cheated when buying a cell phone?Keep these three points in mind, xiao Bai can also buy a satisfactory mobile phone

2022-05-13 0 By

Now smartphone market so disorderly, everybody bought mobile player machine is also very worried about the high price but bought a bad product, this is very normal, after all, a lot of people don’t understand mobile phone, all kinds of parameters of what is also very troublesome, the small make up to summarize some simple way, you remember these three points, prevent fall pit.The first:Online upgrade to avoid to the third party to buy to buy mobile phones, especially online, although many of them have any reason to return, but some you can’t be opened, but also time, let’s online buyers try to choose the official flagship store or authorized shops, although some will be more expensive than the third party platform, but there are security, because the third party platform after don’t say,There is likely to be refurbished machine, disassembly machine, return machine and so on, so, it is suggested that we buy the machine online to identify the official authorization.The second:Offline buyers not to store a lot of small mobile phone shop now offline store experience, we can buy in the store, don’t go to some mobile phone shop, there is no official authorization refurbished machines as new earning large profits, the key is not to admit, why do you think a lot of people buy a mobile phone on the net, somehow pressed by online shopping some transparent now,But also want to recognize clearly, buy mobile phone should have, invoice, three packs and so on, do not forget the key because of some worthless gift earphones, cups and so on.The third:Used must go to normal platform upgrading now mobile phone fast, especially the excess performance in used market also perked up, especially the apple mobile phone, it is used to land, but used water is very deep, but with more renovation, shoddy, legal channels, different versions, such as the American, Japanese version is good and evil people mixed up,Everyone as far as possible to go to salty fish, JINGdong, zhuan and other second-hand platforms, and go to the official machine channel, xiaobian a few days ago to go around the recycling of an iPhone12, quality inspection little brother door-to-door recycling, the spot money sold 3600 yuan, and chose a 95 new iPhone13Pro, support 7 days without reason and a year of warranty.So like this formal channel platform we can trust.In general, we change mobile phones because they do not understand, so some mobile phones a look, cheaper than the official website to buy, the results of mobile phone pull cross but complain about mobile phones, in fact, it is likely that the mobile phone quality is not good, so, we must go to the formal channels to buy mobile phones oh, there is after-sales to ensure that do not spend money in vain.