How to measure the dynamics of the Sekelon RE3 climb

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In the last static review of Secron RE3 climbing, we explained the appearance and configuration of this new car, as well as the configuration application made by the car company for the use of non-pavement crossing scenarios.RE3 climb in the continuation of RE3 British retro accent design at the same time, including TFT meters and other modern elements of science and technology support, its modern beauty still have.In addition, the use of 19-inch spokes, long travel shock absorption and fuel tank riderguard features highlight the radical feeling of the vehicle, in line with the temperament of climbing vehicles.So now that we have the “watch” of a real climbing bike, and the “inside” of a climbing bike, we’ll continue our discussion in this live review.The multi-scene taking into account retro climbing needs to be able to see, use and play model attributes, specifically to have the appearance of retro cars, which has been mentioned above, so use and play is the verification of the degree of considering both pavement road use scenes and non-pavement road scenes.First of all, RE3 climbing has a wide high handlebar and thickened integral seat cushion. Its overall seat posture is slightly upright. Under the setting of 800mm seat height, it can get a relatively comfortable riding posture, so even if riding this bike out for motorcycle riding, it will not be particularly tired for a long time.The use of all terrain tires and steel wire spokes wheel, RE3 climb daily drive and can use both, before and after the shock compression rebound set moderate, wasn’t supported by hard suvs that too much emphasis on sex and sacrifice comfort, combined with the application of the dual clutch, so highway use scenarios, RE3 climbing cycling of whole feeling is the comfort level is moderate.The SECron T401 twin-cylinder water-cooled 8-valve engine used in RE3 climbing should be familiar to all of us. It is used in many models of the company, and the stability of this powertrain should not be questioned.With a maximum power of 31.5kW and a maximum torque of 34nm, it has good low-twist performance and high speed malleability, so it can be used for both daily cycling and non-paved crossing of forest roads.Since it is a climbing model, it is natural that in addition to taking into account the daily use of vehicles, the key point is still to be put into the scene of playing through.It has been emphasized many times that the RE3 Climb is designed for non-pavement play positioning. With its long travel damping, front 19-inch spoke hub, raised front mud cover, fuel tank guard, and detachable ABS system, its non-pavement driving performance is naturally good.Actual test drive experience, suitable front fork inclination setting and wide body high handle, RE3 has good climbing direction flexibility, wide front and narrow back with a certain height of the fuel tank shape, can enable the driver to get a better leg grip, limit ability is also good, driving stability naturally improved.Long travel front shock absorption combined with 19 inch spoke hub, driving the RE3 when climbing and hitting some large pothole sections, passing performance is good, damping compression rebound effect is good, strong support and can absorb most of the shock feeling.In addition, the RE3 has adjustable shock absorption before and after climbing, which can be adjusted according to preferences or scenarios.The use of T401 engine on non-paved roads requires it to have a good low-torque performance. According to the test drive experience, the low-speed torque output of this engine is good. In the starting stage, it runs in low gear, with strong output and small sense of stumbling output.It is worth mentioning that the RE3 climbing feature has the ABS off function, which is too important for a car with a lindau play orientation, which greatly improves the playability.The braking performance of the vehicle is good, linear and sensitive, with the application of the front double floating disk and opposite 4 piston calipers and the rear single floating disk and double piston calipers.In the case of emergency braking in the ABS state, the timing of intervention of the ABS system mounted on RE3 climbing is appropriate, and the feedback force is also within a reasonable range.Finally, let’s talk about the ride stability of RE3 climbing. 800mm seat height is not high for a climbing version. Most of the 170cm riders can touch the ground with their feet, so riding is naturally stable enough.Relatively upright riding posture and high and wide handlebar support can ensure stable riding under complex road conditions. Better leg grip feeling mentioned above is also an advantage to ensure riding stability.Which was last used RE3 climbing frame cradle of high strength type, cradle, and the application of high strength material design, frame rigidity is the important point, coupled with the use of aluminum alloy rocker arm after, the overall frame and suspension stability of editorial has a better performance in general, RE3 climbing is right, the overall performance of retro looks level,Climbing elements are added, and the athletic temperament is taken into account.Not only can meet the modern young users for tonality picky, but also has a modern high configuration level and a good sense of product quality embellishment, such as decals, color design, paint water assembly process and so on, are in line with the current user’s general requirements.In terms of both paved roads and non-paved roads, I think RE3 climbing is at the level of 5:5, which is generally good.The 800-seat height meets the needs of most drivers. The upright seat posture, front and rear shock absorption Settings and power tuning are all taken into account in different scenarios.Back to the climbing orientation, the 19-inch front wheels, long drag, ABS switches, all-terrain tires, and good engine low-twist performance make the RE3 a tough climb.Don’t open around and market, the domestic has relatively pure style models really rarely climbing, but is too pure, and a large proportion of the height less than the user will be blocked at the door, but RE3 climbing such models to suit our actual situation, “good”, “good” and “fun” three requirements of precise positioning, do it, perhaps the market will open.