What’s life like for the rich second generation, do you know?

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I didn’t know what the children of rich families were like, but a young man came to the workshop and let me know that the children of poor parents are completely different.Our company has a rich second generation, his family also has a factory to do mold, the scale is not small, a profit of tens of millions of yuan or some.His family is so rich, he came to our company to work, this is to make many people wonder, his family is still hiring employees, but he went to work in the factory outside, I don’t know what his parents think, also don’t know this rich second generation, what is the idea, what is the plan?He is not here to make money, unlike most workers, 90% of whom are here to earn a salary to earn some income. He is different. He owns several houses and drives BMW cars worth more than 300,000 yuan.There are four people in his family, except one younger brother who is still young, and the three cars are all luxury cars of more than 300,000 yuan. They are not with a little capital, they can’t afford to buy them, let alone support them.Because he is young, after 2000 only about 22 years old appearance, also do not have what pressure, be late every day.His place is 20 kilometers away from our company. It takes him about an hour to get there every day because of the frequent traffic jam in the city.Late is to deduct wages, unless there is no relationship in their own home company to work, in other people’s home work, it has its rules, not you want to come, want to dry on dry, want to dry on dry.So the number of late every month is very many, the salary should be deducted at least several hundred yuan, anyway, the family money does not matter, is not to make money, frankly speaking, is to play.This is not to mention, three days at a time to ask for leave, young people love to play, often do not wake up, do not get up will not come.The family is rich, parents of his discipline is certainly different from others, as long as you do not make trouble, there is a thing to do, more money less money, it is indifferent.Originally his salary of this kind of work is not high, 4000 yuan appearance, every month get rid of fine, maybe only 3000 yuan, and his oil money needs dozens of yuan a day, a month down at least also want to go up dry piece.What’s more, he eats good food and drinks all the time. He lives on about 100 yuan a day, which means his monthly salary is not enough to cover his expenses.Of course, the family has money, without money, that can only drink the wind.Workshop director told him, you are purely to play, your home so rich also come to what?Can’t you play at home?There aren’t many brothers and sisters in your family anyway, and even if you split it with your brother you’ll have plenty to eat and enjoy.You say you come to work, but you actually come to play. In this case, you might as well quit. If you occupy a job, you will not only affect the normal work of others.Fortunately, this guy is very self-controlled, just smiled and kept silent, probably seen too many such things, also used to it?