The Red Army is in danger, the commander of the northeast army risks his life secret message Peng Dehuai: give you a chance to annihilate the enemy

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In 1936, the Red Army finally ended its long journey after two years of climbing over numerous steep mountains, crossing several fast-flowing rivers, stepping over vast grasslands and stepping over the white snow.Along the way, in addition to the dangers brought by the treacherous natural environment, there are all kinds of encirclement and interception.In the course of the Long March, he had been commanding all the troops that could be used to eliminate the Red Army. Although he did cause huge casualties to the Red Army, he did not succeed in doing so.Chiang thought that the Red Army was still exhausted from the long March and was determined to eat them up before they could gain a foothold in their new territory.So Chiang kai-shek mobilized hundreds of thousands of his elite troops and quickly pounced on the Red Army.At this time, the number of the Red Army is far less than the forces assembled by the National army, crisis, Peng Dehuai has received the telegram from the Kuomintang troops.According to the information obtained by the telegram, the Red Army defeated the southern Huzong by a small margin.The communication between the Communist Party and the telegram sent by wang Yizhe, then commander of the Northeast 67 Army, was awarded the title of lieutenant general.He was in charge of the right army of the two main armies that Chiang Kai-shek was besieging the Red Army.On the occasion of the red Army desperate, Wang Yizhe telegraphed pende his troops and left hu Zong south marching route and time, laughing: “give you a chance to annihilate the enemy.”In November 1936, Chiang Kai-shek commanded Hu Zongnan and Wang Yizhe to attack the Red Army, but Wang Yizhe deliberately destroyed the radio, avoid Chiang Kai-shek urged him to rescue Hu Zongnan’s orders, for the Red Army to win enough time.The Communist Party has been sent to wang Yizhe military battle plan in advance, after careful deployment, the Red Army defeated hu Zong in the castle south, broke Chiang Kai-shek’s attempt to eliminate the Red Army.This is not the first telegram between Wang and Peng, who have exchanged letters for a long time.Wang Yizhe often informed the military side of the news to the Red Army, so as to provide reference for the Red Army to develop operational plans, so that they can insight into the opportunity to defeat the enemy.Wang Yizhe was born in Heilongjiang province. His parents were ordinary farmers, but he was lucky that his uncle helped him to go to school when he was young.Later, because his uncle failed in business, wang Yizhe had to interrupt his studies and applied for a military academy to join the army.Wang Yizhe was promoted very fast in the Northeast army, but three years of time, from the platoon leader step by step to the position of the colonel, the fourth year was promoted to brigade commander to award the rank of major general, this and his army yan Ming, zhang Xueliang’s appreciation are inseparable.In 1934, Wang Yizhe’s troops, who had been in the front line of resistance against Japan, were ordered to go with Zhang Xueliang to suppress the Communist Party. Wang Yizhe was very bored and passive.At first, they did not encounter the Red Army, but the two sides eventually fought head on.Wang’s troops were defeated three times in three battles.Wang Yizhe’s two division commanders died, a division, a regiment was the entire elimination of the system.The result struck Wang and Zhang deeply, and they began to think about the reasons behind it.Just at this time, the Communist party see clearly wang Yizhe’s attitude of active war of resistance against aggression negative civil war, sent wang Yizhe’s old friend to contact.The communists then released one of Wang’s captives, Gao Fuyuan, with a detailed account of what he had seen in the Red Army and a handwritten letter from Peng dehuai.In the Northeast Army, Wang Yizhe knew a lot of progressive patriots, he has been sympathetic to these people.Zhang Kexia and others are under the care of Wang Yizhe, through the northeast to the Soviet Union.Wang Yizhe troops in the Communist Party was found by the Kuomintang wanted, but also Wang Yizhe secretly help them escape.Wang Yizhe has a nephew is the Communist Party, in the environment that talks about common color change, Wang Yizhe learned this matter, not only did not draw a line with his nephew, but in order to protect his nephew, he secretly sent abroad to study.With these foundations, and Wang Yizhe very much identified with the Communist Party’s unified anti-japanese proposition, so when the Communist Party through the release of prisoners and his contact, the two sides hit it off and soon reached some agreements: politically advocate common anti-japanese, military demarcation zone non-aggression, economic exchanges.For the people of northeast China, the September 18 Incident is a lasting pain.For Wang Yizhe, a general from northeast China, the policy of non-resistance is his lifelong regret.Before the 918 Incident, the Japanese army has created a number of events such as The Maraobao Hill, in the village, the long-term close attention to the Japanese dynamic Wang Yizhe quickly keenly felt this unusual situation.Wang Yizhe judged that the Japanese army may launch the invasion of northeast China in the near future.In August 1931, Wang, then the commander of the 7th Brigade, personally went to Beiping to report to Zhang and detail his ideas, hoping that Zhang would be ready for the coming war.On the evening of September 18, 1931, Wang Yizhe’s garrison was attacked by the Japanese army, but Wang Had to endure the pain of not resisting orders.However, his men are not willing to yield, Zhao Zhenfan, Wang Tiehan led the department began to resist the breakout.Mr. Wang caught up with the retreating troops and bowed in apology for his mistake.As a soldier, it is his bounden duty to carry out orders, but he cannot help thinking of his troops and should break out in time.Then he led his troops to avoid the Japanese, through the mountains and forests, and withdrew to Shanhaiguan.Later days, often think of the 918 Incident, Wang Yizhe regrets.Wang Yizhe regretted the execution of the non-resistance command, can only watch the fall of his hometown.Songhua River, once beautiful and rich, has now become the paradise of the Japanese invaders and the hell of the people in northeast China.When another non-resistance order arrived, Wang Yizhe no longer carry out, he does not want to do things that make him regret, do not want to become a sinner of the country and the nation.In 1933, wang Yizhe, then commander of the 67th Army, led his troops out of Gubeikou and killed more than 1,500 Japanese soldiers.In the same year, Wang Yizhe refused Chiang Kai-shek xu henan province governor, 50,000 yuan of rights, money to Zhang Xueliang as an excuse to reject Chiang Kai-shek’s communist requirements.At this time of Wang Yizhe thought is anti-japanese, to “hustle outside must first an inside” the view is very hate.Xi ‘an incident success but pain wound in common anti-japanese inspired, Wang Yizhe and the Communist party increasingly close contacts.During this, through the contact with a large number of communists, Wang Yizhe feels the communist party is not ordinary, Wang Yizhe asked the liaison personnel of the Communist Party to undertake propaganda in his army, encourage the patriotic spirit of officers and men.Wang saw that the Red Army was in great difficulty, so he helped the Red Army in every way he could, sending money, weapons and medicine. He opened up a road in his defense area and covered many Communists and progressives who traveled between Xi ‘an and the Soviet Area.Wang personally arranged the secret meeting between Zhou Enlai and Zhang Xueliang, from the security of the way to the confidentiality of the problem, all hands-on.It was at this meeting that the ideas for forcing Chiang to resist Japan were determined.In December 1936, when Chiang Kai-shek went to Xi ‘an to supervise the war, Wang Yizhe actively supported Zhang Xueliang’s idea of detaining Chiang Kai-shek and forcing him to resist the Japanese, so the Xi ‘an Incident shocked the world took place.Later, amid calls to kill Chiang Kai-shek, Wang, regardless of his own safety, endorsed the Communist party’s proposal for a peaceful solution.And after Zhang Xueliang sent Chiang Kai-shek back to Nanjing but was detained, from the overall situation, urged the peaceful settlement of the Xi ‘an Incident.Wang Yizhe’s idea of profound righteousness, but led to the northeast army of a few young officers doubt, they spread wang Yizhe accepts bribery rumors, clamoring to get rid of Wang Yizhe.On February 2, 1937, Wang Died at the age of 41 after being shot nine times in his home.Summary: Born in northeast China, grew up in Northeast China, joined the army in northeast China, general Wang Yizhe spent most of his life there.He loved his hometown deeply, but watched it fall under the enemy’s yoke because he did not resist orders.Great rivers and mountains were occupied, a lot of resources were plundered, and the weapons produced were turned against the Chinese.Do not resist is wang Yizhe life pain, the rest of his life for the regret, are thinking about how to fight the Japanese army to take back the northeast Japanese out.Therefore, inspired by the common idea, Wang chose the Communist Party, helped the Communist party resist Chiang Kai-shek’s attack, and made great contributions to the Xi ‘an Incident and its peaceful settlement.