Taiyuan, the latest deployment of road construction

2022-05-12 0 By

Party’s latest release, focus.Taiyuan County, City and District “2022 Government Work Deployment” announced, “Road Construction deployment” intensive reading.Xiaodian District provides services for subway Line 1, south extension of Binhe East Road, east extension of Longcheng Street and other projects, renovates Liujiapu Fenhe Bridge on Xiaoren Line, promotes the construction of supporting road networks such as Tanghuai Road, Airport East Road and Jingbei Street, and expands the space for urban development;Dongshan Tourism Road connection line 23.4 kilometers, to build kangning Street, Tongda Street and other characteristic streets, dress up the city “window”, refresh the city “appearance level”.Yingze District continued to promote the construction of 41 roads, including Mazhuang New Street, and built 4 “four good rural roads”, including gangdao Village to Guanzao Line, to implement the comprehensive improvement of road environment simultaneously.173 old residential areas will be renovated, and supporting facilities such as roads will be improved.With the soon-to-be-completed urban transformation projects (Red Star Tianbo, Agile · Jiangshanfu, Country Garden · Taoyuan Li, etc.) as the “center”, the road network “radius” is planned in advance to create a beautiful environment, green and livable eastern new town.Apricot blossom hill to speed up the way delay, zhang north east peak head east extension, assist with relocate to 108 national road, perfect the article 12 supporting network (dongshan town in brewing characteristics, melting time city, ocean red star beauty dragon, golden projects such as green a city), completed 16 road extension, key dun-hwa north and south road, north street road along the city quality improvement;Extend the road network of Taixin Integrated economic Zone to provide guarantee for the project landing;We built 25 rural roads, and improved travel conditions for 13,000 people in 18 villages and communities.Accelerate the construction of new LAN Road extension projects, strive for the north section of New Zhao Road, qipingfang South lane and other key road projects;We will speed up the sorting of available land around national Highway 108 and nixiang Line, and vigorously promote the construction of standard land.Wanbailin fully cooperated with the construction of Metro Line 1 and Line 3;Actively apply for the construction projects of severely damaged roads and supporting roads around the reconstruction of urban villages and shanty towns, and strive to carry out more reconstruction projects of “100 streets and alleys” and rainwater and pollution diversion projects;We will carry out renovation projects to connect baoshan Longwang Temple and Longquan Temple on east-west mountain tourist roads.Jinyuan District to ensure the construction of dajingyu Road and other 20 municipal roads and 2 pedestrian Bridges;Substantial start of the old Jinci Road South Yan section of modern pedestrian street construction;Comprehensive improvement of 30 kilometers of urban and rural roads was carried out.Qingxu years launched a number of municipal road network (middle road, too Fen municipal road west extension and use Lucy, support for Lucy delay, xin sheng road, zhenwu road, etc.), speed up the minle road, tai street south road construction, such as complete open south road and so on one batch of road projects under construction, further to dead end highway road links, improve old road, construction;We will spare no effort to ensure the construction of binhe East Road south extension and northwest Second Ring Expressway, and promote the early start of the re-routing of national highways 307 and 339.Yangqu County adhere to the “traffic first”, smooth development of “blood”.Timely start the south extension of the first road in front of the station, the east extension of the New District Avenue and other projects, gradually open up the outer ring road of the county;16 “Sihao Rural roads” were renovated and expanded, with a total length of 102 kilometers and an estimated total investment of 994 million yuan.The construction of tai-Xin Integrated economic zone is enabled by transportation, focusing on ensuring the construction of nixiang Line to the north, Tai-Xin Avenue and other projects, cooperating with the construction of more than 10 trunk roads in the core area, and weaving the dense Tai-Xin integrated urban fast road network.Loufan County promoted the old city reconstruction to start strongly, simultaneously planned to launch the planning and design of the north outer ring road, the widening of the North Avenue, completed the west extension of Binhe ‘nan Road, the west side of the bus Station Road construction, promoted the main line smooth, microcirculation activities, orderly promote the county court lane and other back streets special governance;Actively integrate into the metropolitan area of Taiyuan, give priority to national Road 241, provincial road Lanma Line Fen River reservoir section completed as soon as possible open to traffic, give full support to the implementation of gujiao-Loufan – Fangshan expressway project, increase the external export channels;With the completion of the cycle track project around Taiyuan road within the year, we will strive to build it into a sports road, a tourism road, an industrial road and a road to prosperity.Gujiao vigorously implemented the “large traffic” strategy, steadily promoted the construction of the ancient section of the northwest Second Ring Highway and the construction of the fenhe Reservoir section of the provincial road Lanma Line, guaranteed the complete completion of the reconstruction project of the ancient intersection-fork highway, and started the construction of the ancient interchange section of national Road 241 as soon as possible.It has promoted the construction of gujiao-Loufan-Fangshan expressway, the first-level highway from Qingxudong to Gujiaoshangyanmen of National Highway 339, and the first-level highway from Xiguankou to Lijiashe of National Highway 208 in Taiyuan, gradually forming a road network pattern of “cross expressway, one surrounding the city, and the connection of three rivers”.Complete overhead line into the marina henan road reconstruction, in the east sichuan road, complete volcanic three road all the way, planning all the way through engineering, to complete the high town line promotion – tuen village and 10 dangerous bridge reconstruction “four good rural road construction, in the mountains east road and west road delimit period 150 parking Spaces, to further improve the city traffic system, convenient travel crowd.