Singer Lizzo’s Valentine’s Day meeting with a masked man has sparked speculation that it could be Kanye West.

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This Valentine’s Day, singer Lizzo went out on a date with a mysterious masked man.She saw that day, wearing a red skirt, a handbag one hand hold a man.Is really a person on happy events spirit, ah, full of peach blossom like a pair of happiness.Lizzo is a real heavyweight with a height of 1.77 meters and 280 jin.As a singer, the music direction is R&B, mainly hip-hop……On Valentine’s Day, he and a mysterious man were photographed on a street date.But kanye West is not that thin. Some people think her body is sexy, others think she’s too voluptuous.But she doesn’t care. Whether you love her or not, her meat is there. It doesn’t come or go.