“Business Mind-1” forget about the real world

2022-05-12 0 By

“It just doesn’t work in the real world.”That’s what people always say when they don’t introduce people to a new idea.This “real world” sounds so depressing, as if all new ideas, new proposals, and exotic concepts always hit a wall in the “real world”.Here, the things that stand out are the things that people know and take for granted, even if they are leaky or stale and inefficient.Tear off the FIG leaf of the “real world” and you will find that it is inhabited by people who are pessimistic and hopeless.They expect to see new concepts killed off, and they believe that society is not ready for change and powerless to cause it.Worse, they want to make other people fall into their graves.If you are ambitious and excited about the future, they will try to convince you not to waste time on impossible ideas.Don’t trust them.The world may be “real” to them, but that doesn’t mean you have to live in it.This is clear because many successful companies fail to pass the “real world” test in many ways.You can’t have a dozen employees spread out in eight cities on two continents in the “real world”. You can’t win millions of customers in the “real world” without any sales people or advertising.The problem is that many of these successful companies do it, and they do it with a bang.The “real world” doesn’t exist. It’s just someone’s excuse for inaction. It has nothing to do with you.