Who dares to believe the good reviews?Xinhua News Agency reviews store control reviews

2022-05-11 0 By

As we all know, when many people travel and live in a new city, it is hard to avoid looking for “treasure shops” on the Internet. Shops with a uniform high score come into view, and many people start to the shops with the highest praise, but they find that they are not as perfect as described on the Internet.On February 7, The Xinhua News Agency published an article titled “Paying to Get Good reviews, Paying to Delete Bad reviews…Xinhua News Agency pointed out that some restaurants use “ingenious methods” to cheat customers, disrupt the market and make businesses suffer.In recent years, relevant departments have carried out special rectification actions to crack down on unfair competition behaviors such as brushing and speculation, false publicity, etc. Review platforms have also dealt with tens of thousands of accounts, but it is still difficult to eradicate the phenomenon of swiping and controlling reviews.In the Internet era, consumer review platforms such as Dianping and Koubei have become “necessary” for many netizens, and many people have formed the habit of referring to platforms for scoring when consuming.Brush behavior may not be the original intention of the business at the beginning, but “you brush I brush everyone brush, brush you lose.”In order to gain a better reputation for their stores, many merchants turn to third-party agencies that claim to improve ratings.According to Xinhua News Agency, the practice is not isolated. Merchants, third-party organizations and even some platforms are involved in the practice. Some organizations even claim to have more than 30,000 “big Vs” and their business covers the whole country.