What does SMS unsubscribe back to T mean

2022-05-11 0 By

No longer receive.1. As long as you have registered an account on the Internet, bound to a mobile phone, you will receive marketing messages, and these messages have a feature – reply TD unsubscribe.In fact, when you reply to “TD” and want to unsubscribe, you will find more and more similar messages.Congratulations, you’ve been identified as an active user by SMS advertisers.Because spam messages like this are sent based on the number segment, the sender can’t confirm whether your number is empty at first, but your response to the message will confirm that the number is in use, so they will push more spam messages to you.2. Say can unsubscribe category: first, in fact, such as on a platform after registration, to receive marketing messages, there is a right way to unsubscribe, TD unsubscribe biggest role, not let’s clean up the garbage, but is spam messages sent an excuse, because, according to industry regulations and operator management requirements, to send commercial messages, must be marked to unsubscribe.The correct way to unsubscribe is to reply 0000.Many marketing messages starting with 1065 can be unsubscribed by replying to 0000.3. Expand information: In the face of unknown Internet marketing messages, try to reply 0000 to unsubscribe.And for those you might receive a marketing text message from its captcha platform: Android recommends using the “12321” APP and Apple recommends using the “Shortcut” APP and reporting it with one click.One whistleblower benefits all.