Harden and Embiid in trouble, Pierce to poke fun at embiid

2022-05-10 0 By

After the 76ers acquired Harden, the team became a favorite again.Harden did have a good record early on, but the Sixers seemed to be in trouble against the Nets.Harden was banged on the floor and then lost his form against the Magic and Nuggets, who had a great late push and pass against the Magic, but were somewhat humiliated by allowing a poor team to force overtime.The explanation for the 76ers is that harden’s honeymoon with Embiid is over, the team’s problems are beginning to surface, and teams around the league have a plan for how to deal with the 76ers. It’s not obvious, but it speaks for itself.Harden had a sluggish first half against the Nuggets, scoring just six points on 2-of-7 shooting.The Sixers never had a chance to take the lead in the first half if it wasn’t for their teammates.Harden did pick up in the second half, along with a return to the touch, but the nuggets’ momentum was back, and harden’s outburst didn’t help.After the Nuggets’ 113-110 victory over the 76ers, who were shut down throughout the second half, Embiid wasn’t looking good, even when he faced Harden.The game had a special meaning for Embiid, who could have proved his strength against Jokic in the MVP race, but jokic was somewhat superior to him in the loss, leaving the MVP race in doubt.On paper, the Nuggets never had a chance to beat the 76ers, but in head-to-head, the Nuggets beat the 76ers and showed them how good the Western Conference can be.The Nuggets will have porter and Murray back, and the 76ers will not have a chance against the golden Nuggets in the future.With the 76ers losing again, the pressure is on Embiid to win five championships with Harden as his teammate, Pierce said.Pierce’s comment was a dig at harden and his teammates, as Harden’s lack of strength makes the 76ers’ playoff prospects look bleak as well.Harden has failed alongside Howard, Paul, Westbrook, Durant and Kyrie irving, and if he fails next to Embiid, Harden will be the biggest pest in the league, one that will shut out other teams even at his peak.