Yan Yu Fu was accused of copying xiao Lu’s style, with well-known stylist Li Meng speaking out herself

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Costume dramas “basic language fu” because of the great wen set to get the audience’s affection, and the actress are almost all beauty, based was such a beautiful lady a glimpse, four star Zhang Weina unexpectedly is after 90, Mrs Appearance levels do not lose the protagonist, Ma Yashu in nobility is elegant, the imperial concubine Deng Ying in DiMu asaps elegant…The plot is pretty good, but the costume in drama is a long story, tang makes Han fu and Song makes Han Fu appear together, time feeling is messy, the net friend of sharp eye discovered many some treasure to be the same as frame actually in drama, play crew goes some treasure to purchase costume?This is beyond the recognition of netizens.Female advocate Qiao Xin is in qiu Fu of a few modelling too cheap, be like cloud of belle the play crew is colourful by other actress pressure.The costume of Yan Yu Fu is actually the same as that of your Highness, which aired in 2019.What’s going on here?On December 30, 2018, “Your Highness who Can’t Afford to provoke” started shooting in Xiangshan Studio, starring Tang Xiaotian and Huang Riying.In July 2020, Yan Yu Fu started shooting in Xiangshan Studio, with Qiao Xin and Xu Zhengxi as the leading actors.The time difference between the two TV series is nearly two years, only the latter can copy or copy the clothes of the former.Netizens listed the comparison of similar costumes in the play, not only the same costumes, collocation are exactly the same, is completely copied ah, but the costume stylist of the two plays is not the same person.Li Meng is the costume stylist of the small drama “Your Highness can’t Afford to provoke”.Li created the costumes for last year’s hit fantasy drama Si Teng. Her social media platform carefully notes the origins of Si Teng’s costumes. Some of them are branded, but many of them are her original designs, designed to fit the character.”Yan Yu Fu” and “Your Highness who Can’t Get Enough trouble” are in the same style. Li Meng herself spoke out on the stage, and there are her replies on Weibo and Douban.The costumes in “Your Highness can’t Afford it” are all original and unimaginably designed, and the costumes have never been sold, but they have been borrowed from each other.The two TV series are produced by Penguin Film and TELEVISION, combined with the stylist’s reply, it is very easy to understand, the producer lent the costumes of xiaoxu drama to “Yan Yu Fu” shooting, so the situation of the collision of clothes.”Yan Yu Fu” stylist also too not to use the brain, directly copy other cast’s clothing modeling, at least also do a recombination and collocation, directly copy the answer is too easy.Today’s puppet dramas, with similar costumes, hairstyles and makeup, have already caused audience fatigue.