What effect and effect does Artemisia argyi have to pregnant women

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Muggrass incense has many effects. Generally speaking, it has many effects, such as soothing god and helping sleep, helping relieve pressure, dispelling wind and disperses cold, fuzhengquxie, warming meridians and dredging collasals, relieving palace cold and menstrual pain, maintaining spleen and stomach, improving dyspepsia and other symptoms, preventing colds, enhancing immunity and so on.Wormwood taste bitter, hot, warm, into the spleen, liver, kidney.Wormwood incense is also commonly used in acupuncture in the field of Traditional Chinese medicine.Therefore, it is also called “medical grass”.Now many people are familiar with the herbal bath, usually using wormwood incense.Here is a small series to see what effects and effects of Artemisia argyi, artemisia argyi has an effect on pregnant women!Asshion what is the function and role of 1, Ann god sleep wormwood incense smell can relax the body’s nerve, make the person’s spirit to get comfortable, relaxed, so after using can improve eliminate fatigue, improve sleep, to Ann stroke of the effect of sleep, suitable for depression, upset minded, upset, heart palpitations, flustered, the symptom such as insomnia, much dream.2, Mugwort is a herbal medicine of simplex temperature, so after the use of Mugwort incense, it can stimulate the meridian activity of the human body to adjust the physiological function of the disorder of the human body, can effectively prevent and alleviate the physical discomfort caused by the obstruction of channels and collaterals, so mugwort incense has the effect of warming the meridian and collaterals.3, dispelling wind and disperses cold Wormwood incense in the process of warming meridians and dredging collasals, can remove the dampness and cold gas in the body, and has the effect of dispelling wind and disperses cold at the same time, which helps to prevent and relieve the symptoms of palace cold, dysmenorrhea, spleen and stomach discomfort caused by excessive dampness and cold gas in the body.4, protecting the liver and gallbladder Muggrass incense contains a large number of trace elements and minerals, these substances can promote human metabolism, promote the detoxification of liver and gallbladder and other metabolic organs, at the same time can play a protective role in liver and gallbladder, to prevent hepatitis, cholecystitis and other diseases have some effect.5, bacteriostatic bactericidal moxa incense volatile oil components have an inhibitory effect on spore eruption virus, influenza virus, adenovirus, rhinovirus, mumps virus and so on, so moxa incense after use, can inhibit or kill bacteria and viruses in the air, to achieve the effect of disease prevention and treatment.Influential asshion for pregnant women Under the condition of pregnant women as long as not deliberately or WenYiXiang generally there is no problem, and asshion besides can purify air also has a role in fetus, but must be high quality asshion can, bad things always bad to the body, also has the very big harm, and the effect of asshion and promoting blood circulation to remove blood stasis,So try not to smell Artemisia argyi, during pregnancy to pay more attention to warm, usually pay more attention to rest.This article comes from the network, the copyright belongs to the originator, please be sure to indicate the source.This article is shared for the purpose of dissemination and learning exchange and is not responsible for the opinion of the article.All kinds of dietary prescription, prescription, prescription and so on are only for reference, non-professionals do not blindly try!The advertisement in this article is automatically generated by the system and this number has nothing to do.If you have any questions, please leave a message online, we will deal with it as soon as possible, thank you.