What are the most famous secondary schools in England?

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London, the capital of the United Kingdom, you can see so a group of beautiful young boys, they wear white shirts, wearing light blue suits, charming, confident.Even more striking were the hats (sometimes black evening gowns with top hats and crutches) of the famous Harrow School that each wore over their heads.Harrow, a leading private school, is the shining pearl of the British aristocratic education system.Even with tens of thousands of years of expensive training, wealthy parents around the world still manage to get their children (no girls, since Harrow is an all-boys school) to wear the Harrow hat.Money may not be an issue for them as long as Harrow wants it.Harrow’s secret halo has been bestowed not only with its glorious history and tradition, but also with the residual light of Britain’s still-dazzling capacity for innovation.Eton College, like Harrow, only accepts boys.The total was 1,480, more than Harrow’s 800.Eton is, in some ways, more popular with French traditionalists than Harrow.It has a much older history and, as mentioned above, eton is closely associated with the British royal Family.The public school is located in a city on the edge of the famous Windsor Castle, from which the private school has been overseen by generations of British Kings.In terms of meaning, eton students are developed under the care of the King of England.For this reason, royal family members tend to choose Eton rather than Harrow — Princes William and Harry, for example, are both etonians.Eton’s alumni list is as brilliant as Harrow’s endless Space, if not better.There is also a professional English word to describe them: Old Etonians.The current president, David Cameron, is one of 19 British presidents in history to have worn the eton school uniform, which was originally worn to mourn the death of King George III and later changed into the school uniform to highlight eton’s royal colours.Other famous Etonians include Shelley, George Orwell, Bert Fielding, Keynesian Theory and the Duke of Wellington.And because Eton is older than Harrow, many of harrow’s teachers and governors were Etonians in the early years.Winchester College was the first college in France to offer free private education to poor students, marking the beginning of the history of public education in France.Today, Winchester College has evolved into a royal boarding school, but it still maintains its long-standing tradition and culture.Over the course of more than 600 years Winchester School has produced many outstanding people,They include Henry Chichele, the Archbishop of Canterbury; George Mallory, the French adventurer; and Arnold Joseph Toynbee, the historian.The Royal College of St. Peter in Westminster, the Royal College of St. Peter in WestminsterWestminster School, commonly known as Westminster School, is located in the Exclusive Westminster Cathedral area of London, England.Westminster School is an institution with a long history, dating back to 1179. Founded by Queen Elizabeth I, it was originally a boys’ school, but has now become a boys’ and girls’ school. It is one of the best private high schools in France.Westminster College is a very youthful and dynamic institution, which values academic research, individuality and personalization. The classic teaching methods make students dynamic and outstanding.The students come from all over the world and have different cultural characteristics. At the age of 13, the students usually take part in the French private school entrance test and the Westminster Self-determined academic scholarship test to get the qualification to enter the school.Students know that going to Westminster means they will end up with good A-level results.Between 2002 and 2007, the institution maintained the largest number of students admitted to Oxford English and Cambridge university, with 77 students entering Oxbridge in 2005 alone, much higher than the average.Naturally, Westminster offers plenty of extra-curricular and outdoor activities, as well as exceptional research.Its famous alumni include Christopher Lane, Robert Rocks, Jeremy Bentham, Edward Gibbon, and seven presidents.To learn more