“Watergate Bridge of Changjin Lake” leads the Spring Festival season, huanrui’s “film and television dual-drive kernel” has been launched

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Every year the Spring Festival, is the head film “fragmented” stage, this year is no exception, “watergate bridge of long jin lake” as representative of the popular big opened for the Chinese New Year file, but it is interesting to note that in this theme film behind the scenes, we accidentally saw TV field “senior players” figure – huan.In addition to “Changjin Lake” this box office, the attention of the film “Boonie Bears · Return to Earth”, and has been set a file “Valentine’s Day” “ten years a product wen Ru”, also has huan Rui to participate in the production of the mark.There was a time when movies and TV were two distinct racetracks, with different rules and different players.This huan Rui carries much film high transfer bureau, whether to mean film and television double track finally ushered in “compound player”?Accelerate the movie business layout, content matrix advantage showing several blockbusters in the Spring Festival of 2022 files on the official online, to have record showing today, huan rui joint production of a “watergate bridge of long jin lake” for its “long jin lake” high attention and high reputation, voluntary army soldiers who Nemesis, fought, slow moving story again infected with the audience,Task to upgrade at the same time, the more intense battle scenes, emotional tension and more full, whether industrial scale, the actors, or the transmission of positive values and patriotism, the series is done for the domestic same type movie set up a system of “benchmarking”, in the Spring Festival party a coppi not surprisingly, first day box office more than 500 million, breaking records,So far, the total box office has exceeded 1.5 billion yuan.Also produced by huan rui joint “of bears, returning to the earth” is the domestic animation IP head, stable quality of the timing for the audience for many years in the “happy meals”, this year, bears two stories from bear hill across the distant outer space, still tender feeling funny and imaginative, is the Spring Festival family viewing of choice, it has broken 300 million, scores well.Perhaps the audience’s inherent impression of Huanrui still stays in its past achievements in the field of TV dramas, but in fact, in recent years, in order to expand business territory, consolidate the company’s content matrix advantage, Huanrui is accelerating the layout of its film business.From 2015’s “heart star move”, 2019 “shot”, “Jin Gangchuan” in 2020, to last year’s “revolutionary” “the long jin lake”, huan rui on film investment gradually found their own pace, with a strong sense of cultural mission bear and consciousness of social responsibility, and huan rui has been actively involved in the mainstream movie creation,In recent years, just stepped on the theme of the explosive growth of the tuyere, it can be said that sharp vision, very forward-looking.Since 2018, the film and television market because of a variety of external causes into production volume contraction of “adjustment”, but “black swans fly through the knowledge of gold”, but the slowdown in the large company environment, look ahead, can continue to produce high quality content huan, instead can inverse city rise, and afraid to new areas,Let huanrui this brand more vitality and value.And at the request of the audience to content quality improving, drama began gradually to approach the aesthetic standards, huan rui have now is the core of “double drive, film and television” means to participate in the experience of a movie can feedback to the television series, driving series quality rise, it will become one of the advantage of huan rui future.Deep “ancient” occasional, multivariate development and show abundant reserves in huan is the breakthrough to enter the film market, into the public view of nodes, we also analyse its achievements in the field of drama, after all, between the two is complement each other, the relationship between each other blessing, outstanding performance in the field of drama and the huan rui to succeed “transformation” style.Founded in 2006, huan, accumulation in the field of drama, especially the “ancient” occasional continued deep direction, in the tide of content iteration, accurate positioning the young happy emotion expression and narrative context, from 2014 the DLC and tan “network platform for both, lead the market direction, over the years, produce the audience impressed with a lot of work.In 2019, a “painting under the” will “entertaining” and “sweet pet” perfect fusion, in open file with “dark horse” appearance Deus ex, a security gets with small catch fast yuan lu this summer for the lovely sweet comedy duo to cut into hard to stop, became in the mango TV on demand the amount the highest series, Vlinkage 15th annual series hot list.In 2020, the fairy tale drama “colored glaze” is again exciting with “heart breaking”. The tragic love between yu sifeng and chu xuanji is heart-stirring, and the exquisite production of costumes attracts many fans one after another. The drama not only ranked TOP5 in the annual broadcast volume on youku platform,Vlinkage annual drama heat also rushed into the TOP20.In 2021, the story of the fate of qi Yan and his twin sisters Cheng Ruoyu, Qiu Yanzhi, grow up together in the court of heaven song, logged on Hunan SATELLITE TV and Mango TV, won the CSM63 city ratings of 1.808%, ranked among the best in the same series.In addition to the broadcast of these ancient costume works, to be broadcast “aloes such as dust”, “Mountains and Rivers moon Ming”, “Qianqiu Ling” from the current exposed materials, or extraordinary appearance, or a head artist, the audience’s expectations pulled to the full case.But because the current costume piece of policy and market changes, the type of development is also facing challenges, huan rui on deep historical subject matter, on the basis of started with profound experience in film and television production, unique market insight, aimed at young audience’s preferences and mainstream values, overall planning, guarantee the multi-type full flowering, always maintained a plenty of competition in the market.For example, the youth adventure theme “Angry Sea Qiansha & Qinling Mountain Sacred Tree”, the red war theme “Can not hide the Sunshine”, the era spy theme “Autumn cicada”, suspense science fiction theme “Tianmu Crisis” and so on, brought a lot of fresh feelings and surprises to the audience.Still to broadcast modern romance theme “South Wind knows My Mind”, spy theme “Deep Dive”, realistic theme “Rights and Interests”, all mean that Huan Rui explore the process of content diversification is further.In the “old line” drama field, Huan Rui’s “reserve” can be said to be extremely rich, a good interpretation of what is called “works, content as the king”, to do the steady and steady ramming advantage and open up new track innovation to be integrated, I believe in the near future, high-quality drama will continue to stream online.Entertainer brokerage platform development, new forces continue to emerge not only film and television business development in full swing, entertainer brokerage business has always been huan Rui’s long board.At present, Huanrui includes ren Jialun, Cheng Yi, Li Xiaoran, Zhang Yuxi and other more than 20 signed artists, which covers both the acting and popularity of the head and waist actors, but also contains the potential of the new generation of artists, forming a perfect echelon construction.Huanrui’s strong ability in incubating new people is one of the labels recognized by the majority of the audience. It can accurately match its new people with roles that can show their charm and advantages, formulate an appropriate “development route”, and promote the leap of their career. Take Cheng Yi, who is rising rapidly in recent years, as an example.The characters in “Coloured Glaze” and “Song of The King” are well suited to his own broken temperament, inspiring a steady stream of love from the female audience, which is quite effective.Focus on “making stars by drama”, let Huanrui reduce the dependence on a single head artist, to better sustainable development in artist brokerage, uninterrupted output of outstanding actors for the industry.In Huanrui, the relationship between artist management and drama production is mutual achievement. The drama leads to popularity, and after popularity, the drama feeds back, which has formed a set of healthy internal self-circulation system.It is worth mentioning that on January 7 this year, actor Li Xiaoran announced signing huan Rui, which not only reflects huan Rui’s more professional artist service level, but also once again strengthened huan Rui’s actor team.Li Xiaoran’s solid acting, and its ability to control the realistic subject matter, also proved huan Rui in the drama field to continue to diversify the development of determination, her joining, and huan Rui’s homemade episodes will support each other, for quality content.In addition, at the end of last year, Huan Rui also released the “Huan Rui Freshmen” actor recruitment plan, and cooperated with Liu Tianchi Performance Studio to make potential new talent stand out and develop again with strict selection mechanism, so as to achieve the purpose of blood production from the source.Conclusion: in the past two years, the interference of multiple reasons for outbreak etc, the film and television industry has entered a long period, the market has experienced many times shuffling, huan rui is still able to comfortably in the head of film and television company, depends on its precipitation for winning tips, first of all, movies, dramas, a&r multidisciplinary comprehensive flower, do not rely on a single business profitability.Second, rich content reserves, and stable quality, is the core competitiveness of Huanrui, third, as an industry pioneer will never stay in the comfort zone complacent, always maintain a breakthrough, innovation driving force.In the future, with the steady development of diversified businesses, we believe that Huanrui will become the most competitive and desirable film and television company in the whole industry.Find art enterprise micro signal opened!