Superstar eight years, Wang Yuan’s fresh and romantic, by all the collection

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Like green leaves in spring, clouds in the mountain wind inside, today to share wang Yuan’s fresh.When I have inspiration, I ask the staff to stop and create first, for fear of inspiration escaping.I would order my own song at KTV, turn it on first, then turn it off, so the system would say, “Wow, you sing exactly like the original.”Suddenly caught on camera in the audience, she looked flustered, averted her eyes and blinked wildly, which was a small source of social fear.During the rehearsal for the anniversary concert, Wang Yuan takes the microphone. “Daddy’s dad calls Grandpa ~”Will embrace the sun, others feel very bask in, he said that this is calcium, every time to see feel very beautiful.The staff asked, “Where is Dongting Lake?””Dongting Lake is in Liu Yusuk’s poem.” When I was a student at Berkeley, I would buy myself a bouquet of flowers every day before coming home from school.I studied abroad and cooked by myself. I made a medium-rare steak with AD calcium champagne.He accidentally dropped his Supreme water mug in a puddle and then simply smashed it all over the puddle to make it look good.Buy a hot pot of coffee before you get on the cable car.Struggling to write songs among dolls.”There is no Summer like this Year,” in which I saw the incomplete parts of “Soft.”It was never expected that the glamorous onstage heartthrob idols would reveal such a must-have but often hidden aspect of life.True, magnanimous, with a complete “human” image, tell everyone, his growth.Sing “Red Dragonfly” to the dragonfly, sing also said how dragonfly did not fly over.Escape the studio for a few days, go somewhere unknown, and come back after a few days.Has been obsessed with calling a lot of big dogs “puppies.”Write your signature in a king’s O and call yourself a king’s circle.Before the Spring Festival Gala in 18, he stuffed his mouth with good polysaccharides. In 21, he gave everyone moon cakes at a party.I’m eating grapes and I’m being pulled out to record a video, and I’m holding on to the grapes while I record the video.Pay special attention to your life and enjoy the feeling of riding.Go to Beijing Universal Studios, is not wearing a raincoat warrior.”Elope” at the concert, “Does anyone want to elope with me, does anyone want to marry me?””It’s impossible,” he said with a smile.The host asked: Can I call you Teacher Xiaoyuan?Wang yuan said: You can call me orangutan teacher.When we were shooting Boyhood, we got stuck in a soccer net.Summer to winter rain, engraved four seasons.There are many more vivid and romantic stories about Wang Yuan.The old year will pass, looking forward to the coming year.Smoke Mars frost no other thing, youth but read in peace.Edit: PP Article: PP Picture: Web