Perform non-stop warm “pay” more warm heart

2022-05-09 0 By

Fujian Rule of law newspaper – Straits rule of law online February 15, a few days ago, the woping court executive judge drove 40 kilometers to yanqian town government, to 13 workers who were in arrears pay more than 108,000 yuan of wages.”Thanks to the judge, we finally got our hard-earned money that was owed.”The workers thanked the executive judge and signed for confirmation.The joy of the workers was palpable at the thought of the return of the wages they had been looking forward to day and night.The 13 workers, who were originally employees of a company in Fujian province, went to the labor dispute arbitration Committee for arbitration because they had not been paid. After the arbitration took effect, the company still failed to fulfill its obligations.Since October 2021, employees have applied to the Wuping Court for compulsory execution.Because the company has other cases, the Wuping court sealed the company’s land use rights and the industrial plants, office buildings and other structures on the land, and timely started the evaluation auction process.In the end, the second auction was sold at 40,657,700 yuan.In order to effectively protect legitimate rights and interests, the Court opened a green channel for these cases, insisting on giving priority to execution and payment, and giving priority to the payment of auction deposit to workers’ wages.The executive judge works overtime to calculate each person should pay wages, do a good job of the relevant payment materials, and inform workers in advance to prepare the corresponding procedures, in order to quickly issue wages, so that unpaid workers take back their hard-earned money.At the distribution site, the executive judge checks the workers’ identity information and execution payment details one by one, ensures that the information is correct, and asks the workers to sign the receipt for confirmation.(Zeng Wenqiang)