Which world-class universities are harder to get into?Harvard came in third, a dark horse

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With the continuous progress of education, there are more than 3,000 universities in China for students to choose from. Many students have set their sights on world-class universities.Generally speaking, students who want to study abroad can be divided into two categories: those who have excellent academic performance in China and those who want to go abroad to broaden their horizons, learn world-leading technologies and display their talents on a higher platform.Still have a kind to be in domestic exam result is not ideal namely, want to find another way to go abroad gold plating.Which world-class universities are harder to get into?Generally speaking, the difficulty of applying to a world-class university is directly proportional to the value of the degree.In Korea, the more difficult the college entrance exam is, the more popular its graduates are.Many of China’s top students, no longer satisfied with their country’s educational ceiling, want to compete with their global peers.The current ranking of world-class universities as “super difficult” is slightly different from what most students and parents have in mind.Harvard University, for example, is one of the most prestigious universities in the world. It has produced more than 130 Nobel Prize winners and is ranked top in many subjects.When Chinese students want to apply for Harvard University, they have to prepare for it from primary school or junior middle school. Academic performance is only one thing, but Harvard University pays more attention to students’ innovation ability and moral character.Despite this, Harvard is only rated as the third most difficult university in the world.In second place is Stanford University, a world-recognized institute of higher learning located in the famous “Silicon Valley” science park.Many of the founders of world-renowned Internet companies graduated from Stanford University.Thanks to the emergence of artificial intelligence and AI, computer networks and other majors are still popular, and Stanford university is becoming more and more accessible.A minimum toefl score of 105 is required for students who want to apply to Stanford.Besides excellent grades, Stanford pays more attention to students’ practical experience.After all, the university has partnerships with Internet giants, and if a student enters Stanford, he or she has already stepped into silicon Valley.Stanford university has long been called the “ceiling” for international students in the United States, but it’s not the hardest university to get into.Nowadays, when most students want to study abroad, they first think of Ivy League schools.In fact, the “super difficult” universities are not in the United States, but in India, where education levels are relatively low.Iit is also recognized as the most difficult university for the world’s top talent.There is a saying among high-achieving students that only those who fail to get into IIT will consider MIT.The ceiling of higher education is here at IIT, an absolutely unexpected and dark horse university.Almost 1.3 million students apply for iIT every year, but the school’s annual acceptance rate is less than 2%, more than five times lower than prestigious universities such as Oxford and Cambridge.Usually these candidates are rejected by IIT before they apply for ivy League schools.In particular, iIT is the “end of the universe” for students who love computer-related majors.Iit graduates are almost always coveted by fortune 500 companies.And after a period of time, they will become the leaders of the company, and the alumni are all over the country’s major enterprises.The social network resources of the students alone are very envying.In addition, IIT has always been known as “the cradle of IT leaders”. In order to ensure the gold content of academic qualifications, iIT has constantly raised the entrance threshold to ensure high-quality output and good reputation of the school.How do I get into IIT?Admission to IIT is unique in that candidates are required to take the JEE, its unique joint entrance examination.Although similar to China’s gaokao, it is far less difficult, making it one of the most difficult undergraduate admissions exams in the world.There is almost no question to send points, the average examinee completely out of reach.The JEE exam consists of only three subjects, mathematics and physical chemistry, and of the students who pass the exam, there are almost no students who can learn by rote.The most surprising thing is that the entrance exam rankings of Indian science and engineering students are almost identical to their academic achievement rankings at graduation. Perhaps there is a limit to how hard they work up to a certain point.Although iIT is extremely difficult to get into, students who get an offer from iIT have definitely got a ticket to success.Iit’s computer science students can get a bachelor of Science and Technology (BSC) degree.Topic of the day: What do you think of iIT?Feel free to leave a comment in the comments section.If you like this article, please share and bookmark it!More on that in the next issue.For more exciting content, come to linlin education diary (pictures from the network, if there is infringement, please contact to delete)