The Lantern Festival is held in conjunction with many hospitals across the country

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On the fifteenth day of the first lunar month, families enjoy lanterns and eat yuanxiao, which reflects the happiness of many families.But during the festival, medical staff still stick to their posts, guarding the health of thousands of families.In order to pay tribute to the medical staff and send care to the hospitalized patients, Shuidichou carried out the “Thick Lantern Festival and Love” condolence activity in nearly 40 hospitals in 18 provinces across the country, and spent a warm and peaceful Lantern Festival with the doctors and patients.The medical staff of Shenyang Fire and Burn Hospital received the gift of holiday sympathy water drop and wuhan University People’s Hospital held the activity of “Happy Lantern Festival!Children, WISH you a speedy recovery, as soon as possible discharge!Healthy growth!”On the morning of February 14, the administrative staff and shuidui staff of Yuhuangding Hospital in Yantai, Shandong province sent 30 boxes of milk to the pediatric ward, and also sent festive greetings to the medical staff who stick to their work.Such warm greetings instantly broke the silence in the ward and warmed the hearts of patients and their families.In jiangxi Provincial Cancer Hospital and Jiangxi Provincial Children’s Hospital, inpatients received water drop staff sent milk, jujube and other holiday gifts, at the same time, water drop also sent warm wishes to the medical staff, thank them for their selfless dedication to build a firewall of life.The second affiliated hospital of guangxi medical university patients received water festival gift in the second affiliated hospital of guangxi medical university, water droplets combined hospital social work, youth corps committee and multiple clinical departments to carry out activities, send yuanxiao for patients, alleviate nervous or anxious state of mind in hospital patients and their families, let them feel the thick humanistic care.The activity also covered nearly 40 hospitals in Jilin, Heilongjiang, Liaoning, Henan, Shanxi, Shanghai, Anhui, Inner Mongolia, Guizhou, Gansu, Yunnan and other provinces and cities.As a leading domestic Internet service platform for personal help in serious illness, is committed to bringing more love and hope to the seriously ill families trapped in darkness and helping to solve more practical social problems.In 2021, the number of hospitals in China reached 212, and the “People’s Assistance” activity initiated by Shuidi was launched in many third-class a hospitals in Wuhan, Changsha and other cities.In the future, the platform will continue to promote regional cooperation, establish good interactions with more hospitals and medical staff, and constantly introduce more new ideas for solving difficulties and emergencies, so as to better serve patients with serious diseases.Editor: Zhou Zhenqin