Stone coal machinery urban renewal project and other 5 major projects have been certified new progress exposure

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Joy in to buy a house recently, shijiazhuang new GuiHuaZheng, five major projects involving the first phase of the project including stone coal city update project, shijiazhuang national fitness center issue, king kong living quarters old city reconstruction project (commercial) neural areas in hebei province, xuanwu hospital, capital medical university medical center, northern road (JHF – ZhaiYing street street) road engineering.The first phase of Shimeji Urban Renewal project has obtained the construction land planning permit. Constructed by Shijiazhuang Chengshi Construction And Development Co., LTD., the project is located in Chang ‘an District, reaching Heping East Road in the north, Jianhuabei Street in the west, Zhaying North Street in the east and Yuejin Road in the south.The land area is 285160.097 square meters (427.740 mu), including 55,168.864 square meters (82.754 mu) of road land;Green land 44994.259 square meters (67.491 mu), including: square green land 3827.537 square meters (5.741 mu), park green land 36165.297 square meters (54.248 mu);Public land 23046.433 square meters (34.569 mu), including: power supply 4148.273 square meters (6.222 mu), middle school 18,898.160 square meters (28.347 mu);Practical land 161950.541 square meters (242.926 mu), including: commercial service facilities 3987.139 square meters (5.981 mu), living 89788.726 square meters (134.683 mu), including 9 classes of kindergarten 3780 square meters;Commercial, business, entertainment, recreation and sports complex (industrial heritage protection area) 62969.386 square meters (94.454 mu), including 6 reserved buildings;The underground parking lot covers 5,205.290 square meters (7.808 mu) and the depth range is from -0.1 meters to -9.75 meters.Shijiazhuang National Fitness Center phase I has obtained the construction land planning license. The project is constructed by Shijiazhuang Sports Bureau, located in the south of Jiashang Road and west of Nanyin West Street, with a total land area of 10,175.330 square meters (15.263 mu), including:Road land 2295.474 square meters (3.443 mu), sports land 7879.856 square meters (11.820 mu).The project is constructed by Shijiazhuang Hongming Real estate Development Co., LTD., located in Chang ‘an District, Yuejin Street, Zhai Ying North Street no. 10, with a total construction area of 122343.44 square meters and a total underground area of 11201.05 square meters.The project is constructed by the First Hospital of Hebei Medical University, located at No. 89 Donggang Road, Shijiazhuang city, Yuhua District. The total construction area is 93301.58 square meters, and the total underground area is 28764.67 square meters.This project is constructed by Shijiazhuang Urban Construction Investment Holding Group Co., LTD. It is located at Tabei Road (Jianhua Street — Zhaying Street). The length is 610 meters, and the width of the red line is 50 meters.The Spring Festival does not close:2021 Hebei annual gross regional product breakthrough 4 trillion yuan, year-on-year growth of 6.5% gaocheng 2022 public rental housing distribution scheme publicity: involving 3 major projects 200 sets of housing