BMW Motor arrives at the 2022 Verona Motorcycle Show in Italy

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BMW R 18 Aurora takes advantage of many classic BMW designs, highlights creativity and passion, and offers a variety of customized configurations.The BMW R 18 M and THE BMW R 18 Aurora, two new customized models based on the BMW R 18 series, were unveiled at the Verona Motorcycle Show in Italy.It demonstrates the concept of open innovation of BMW motorcycle, and brings a visual feast of retro and modern interwoven for motorcycle fans all over the world.In order to provide cycling enthusiasts with a powerful, flexible and fun cruising motorcycle, BMW MOTOR Italy team, in collaboration with LowRide magazine, has customized the BMW R 18 M model.The new car not only retains the retro styling of the BMW R 18, but also features smoother, more dynamic body lines and a modern sporty BMW M coat, which fully demonstrates the essence of sport that has been inherited by BMW motorcycles for nearly a century.The vehicle is designed by several designers, supplemented by artisan craftsmanship, breaking down the boundary between art and transportation.Not only is the styling more stunning, but the re-tuning of the frame and suspension also brings more flexible handling. Combined with the 1802cc “Big Boxer” engine with the surge of kinetic energy, the driving experience is completely different from that of BMW R 18.The BMW R 18 Aurora is a joint venture between Garage 221 and BMW Motorcycle Italy. It is true to tradition and innovative.It is unique in that many of its accessories are inspired by BMW models from different eras:The bat-shaped fairing borrows its support structure from the 1982 BMW R 100 and 1991 BMW K75, and the seats from the 2005 BMW 1200 C, with the body color reconfigured from the 1983 BMW RT 100.The oil-cooled grille beneath the engine is modeled after the twin kidney grille of a 1960s BMW.In addition, the tailpipe customized in collaboration with Leo Vince pays particular attention to the texture of the timbered sound, giving the highly customized new car a more three-dimensional sensory impact.Pay tribute to the legendary classic, create personalized knight life BMW motorcycle personalized customization does not let any product and other brand models homogenization.The production version of the BMW R 18 series, a prototype of two customized motorcycles, also offers a wide range of customized configurations for riders.Knights can be customized according to personal style and preference, matching out the exclusive riding style.The BMW R 18 family is the first BMW motorcycle to enter the segment of retro cruise motorcycle market, making cycling fans all over the world feel the passion and passion of the designer.The mechanical beauty of the exposed drive shaft and cross universal joint, the pulsating 1802cc “Big Boxer” heart, the same as the BMW R 5 water drop shaped fuel tank, the sentimental white double pinstripe hook, and the triangular double cradle frame are a perfect tribute to the legendary classic.In addition to inherits the classics, the BMW R 18 family also possesses the necessary technology for modern cycling, including abundant electronic control system, three riding modes and digital intelligent technology, to ensure that riders can enjoy the unique pleasure of cruising motorcycle riding in the most safe and comfortable way, and enjoy the world with wind.As its name implies, after nearly a century of inheritance, the successor series of BMW motorcycles always carry the noble expression of freedom, passion and machinery, and constantly stimulate the most primitive and wild soul of knights.Whether in China or global, thanks to the profound insight and make unremitting efforts to the market, and abide by the brand idea of “take the customer as the center”, BMW motorcycles will consistently through highly emotional, has the vanguard technology and the innovative spirit of 6 big series of products, to meet the needs of the global cycling enthusiasts, efforts to make riding a kind of life.Innovative, successful, forward-looking, ecologically sustainable innovative products and services make life more convenient and comfortable;Innovation in technology is the key to success.Adhere to innovation and development, forward-looking perspective, long-term strategic thinking, expand new business model.High quality products, the concept of innovation, high quality r&d, innovation of products and services, high-quality after-sales service concept, reasonable price, communication open, transparent, and stable market position, the quality of the long term success propaganda, enduring quality and individual character, this is BMW, charisma, new energy vehicles, one of the leaders in real lifestyle changes,We have been committed to innovation and development, to provide customers with better quality service, the pursuit of breakthrough, bring more innovative experience.To ensure the vitality and competitiveness of the company, strive to be one of the industry leaders.Responsible for your car, timely solve problems, with a positive service attitude, quality after-sales service, so that you can enjoy the ecological sustainable development of the car policy.The BMW Group always adheres to the principle of “customer-centered”, and promotes the sustainable and high-quality development of its core business by introducing products and services that are highly tailored to the needs of Chinese customers.In the key innovation areas of “new modernization, Four modernizations”, we will work with Chinese innovation forces to successfully lead the industry reform and the development of innovative travel in the future.The success of the BMW Group is due to its forward-looking innovative development and highly responsible actions, breaking traditional thinking and persisting in innovation.The BMW Group implements ecological and social sustainable development strategy and forward-looking perspective throughout the value chain. Comprehensive product responsibility and clear commitment to energy conservation have become an important part of the BMW Group’s corporate strategy.