A refutation of “Qiong Tong Bao Jian”, Chapter 7, on the converging solution of Xingchong

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In the eight-character branch, the punishment is not beautiful, but three and six, can solve it.If in the first month of the year, the bases are thrust, and there is a small one in the branches, then the bases and small one are combined but not thrust;Have Chen, then unitary and Chen together but not blunt;There are hai and not, the MAO meeting and not blunt;Have the third and ugly, then unitary and the third ugly will not blunt, is to meet can solve blunt also.And such as the third son month, every base is punishment, and or there is a xu, and xu and not punishment;Ugly son and ugly together without punishment;There are hai and wei, then MAO and Hai will not be punished;Have Shen and Chen, then the son and Shen Chen will not be punished.It’s a rendezvous that solves the punishment.In the eight-character branch, the punishment and rushing is not a beautiful thing, but sometimes for joy, sometimes for fear, sometimes can change the property of matter.Convergence and disthrugation is not so general as the author says, it needs to see the specific location.But the triad is the most powerful, so the triad, no matter where it is, can be discharged.Liu He and half he and six chong force equal, at this time to see the chong God position, but also to see the position of god.For example, in the first month of the year, the bases of the wood can only be dissolved when the day branch sees the sun or the third ugly, but when the branches see any branch can not be dissolved, because the strength of the separated position is less than that of the neighboring force, so the bases can not be dissolved.At this point, no matter the impact.For example, in the first month of the year, when the branch saw the maomu chongyou, then when the branch saw the xu or Hai could solve the chongyou, and when the branch saw the Chen or the third ugly could also solve the chongyou, neither at this time, nor at the same time.For example, jiamu unitary month, when the branch see MAO wood chong unitary, at this time the day branch see Chen si ugly or xu Hai can not solve the chong, year branch see Chen si ugly can also solve the chong, at this time theory and regardless of chong.The sub-base punishment is three punishments, and the force of three punishments is greater than the force of six and half.If si Yin or xu Chou and so on, it is half punishment, its power is less than the six and half of the power, at this time depends on the position of each god.For example, the third son month, year branch see MAO wood torture, at this time, no matter what branch, also can not solve the zimao punishment.The only way to solve the punishment is to see all three.For example, the third son month, the day to see the MAO wood torture, the same when the branch also no matter what see, also can’t solve the zimao punishment.For example, when the third child is born on the moon, he sees the MAO wood torture, at this time, the year sees the son hydration god, or the day sees the son hydration god and the MAO wood god, can solve the zimao punishment, neither at this time, nor regardless of punishment.Si Yin, xu Ugly and so on, life bureau no matter what support see god, can solve its phase punishment.If it is close to God, it is no matter punishment; if it is close to God, it is no matter punishment.译 文 : And there were others punished because of interpretation?If a son month, the two bases and the two bases do not punish a son, and the two bases meet the xu, xu and the MAO, this is to solve the punishment, and the one, and a punishment, is because of the solution and the opposite punishment.What the author says is true, but there is a special form of construction.For example, a child on the month, the day and see the son, when the base, this is the two children do not penalty one base.Even when the two sons meet with god, they will not form a structure of one son joining the ugly one and the other one, because the two sons are placed side by side in the middle, like two people of the same mind, and no one can break them.This is true not only of punishment, but also of punishment and punishment.If the two sons are juxtaposed not in the middle, but on both sides, as the author argues.And there are tortures, and there is no solution?If son year noon month, day sit ugly, ugly and son close, can solve blunt, and every third ugly, ugly and third unitary meeting, and son complex blunt afternoon.Zi year wu month, sun sit Chou, son Chou of the combination can not solve the meridian chong, the factor of the unity of the ugly for the partition, its force is less than the meridian adjacent force, at this time, regardless of chong.If the sun does not sit or Yin xu, but Yin xu need and noon fire can really close, at this time to solve ziwu chong, the rest as the author.译 文 : There are more punishment blunt and can solve the punishment blunt, what also?Cover the four pillars, the punishment blunt all not for the United States, and the punishment blunt with god, especially exceptional, as another punishment blunt, the solution of the punishment blunt.If the third son month, MAO to punishment, and the branch and meet you, and you blunt not punishment month of the officer.A unitary month, the bases of the day blunt, and when the child water, the bases and child punishment, and the moon officer star, blunt of the weakness, although with other palace punishment blunt, six relatives not without penalty grams, and the month officer still, its case is not broken.Is the so-called punishment chong and solution of punishment chong also.The punishment blunt month order, not necessarily break, the solution of the punishment blunt month order, also not necessarily become the case, sometimes just the opposite.The third son month, when the base to see the base, if the day to see you or noon, year branch or see noon, noon chongzi, you chongmao, at this time the chong can solve the base of the punishment, and both regardless of chongzi, also regardless of punishment.If the annual or daily bases are used, no matter how they are used against God at this time, they cannot be punished.Because six chong and six he strength is the same, are less than three penalty full force.If c sheng si month, year branch see Yin, Yin punishment has been half punishment, if the day support see hai, the third hai phase chong Solution Yin si of punishment, at this time the theory chong regardless of punishment.If the support see hai, also can solve the Yin si punishment, this time neither punishment nor chong.If the day or time to see the application, constitute three sentences.If c sheng si month, day support see Yin, only year support see hai, can have the impact of hai solution Yin si punishment, if when support see shen constitute three punishment, see hai Yin hai.Similarly, the third fire can be introduced to the third month, when the method of support to see Yin.So does the punishment of evil.If youyouyou, Chen Chen, Hai Hai, wu Wu, in the middle of the parallel composition of the self-punishment, then chong can not solve its punishment.If not this kind of structure from punishment, and c have the same month to see Yin.A health you month, the bashing of the day, and when the child water, can be dissolved the bashing of the bashing, and at this time the punishment and regardless of the bashing, the author is very.However, if the bases are seen in the year and the water is in the season, the punishment of the bases cannot be removed.If the day falls on the sub-water, the sub-bases can be released by the attack, but at this time, neither the attack nor the punishment.Half punishment can not solve chong, only three punishment can solve chong.Such as a birthday month, year branch see xu chong Chen, if the day when the support see wu Hai, see three from the punishment of the ground, can be resolved xu Chen chong.Among them, the reason is delicate, must be understood by intention.Chapter 7 text and Picture of Zi Ping Zhen Quan