150,000-class family car, these 5 models are configured with high performance, but are seriously underrated

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Mention 150 thousand yuan level of family car, people first think of certainly is corolla Xuan Yi these well-known models.But in 150000 yuan level models on the choice of too many, not just think about it when we buy vehicles ownership, depending on its configuration when no rich, performance is strong, apparently in the $150000 level of family car except for corolla sylphy still has a lot of grossly undervalued models is worth us to focus on, such as the following five.Chevrolet Malibao XL appearance used to slip back modeling, in fashion, the atmosphere on the basis of added a few minutes of muscle feeling, beautiful side lines.Interior design qualified but not advanced, such as the central console or a large number of hard plastic.Actually, I don’t mind a bit of hard plastic at this price for this product.After all, where MY ass is sitting is not only a leather seat, but also a third gear for heating and ventilation.And I’m not sitting on the center console.Solid chassis.The car uses the standard front McPherson/rear multi-link independent suspension of the same class, which is stable at high speed.This is also a big bright spot for American cars.Power: The Malibu XL is powered by a 2.0-ton four-cylinder Turbo Turbo With seven seconds of zero hundred acceleration.This engine is used not only in the Lacrosse, but also in Cadillac CT6/CT5 models.Not only the parameters are almost the same, the engine cylinder and other technologies are also carried.At the same time, it is matched with the excellent stability of the 9 gears automatic transmission (9AT).For this power system, the biggest advantage is the 9AT gearbox, the response and judgment of the lifting gears are very accurate, and there is no frustration in driving and shifting gears, which is very smooth.In vehicle assistance, the system is standard with electronic handbrake, engine start and stop, uphill assistance and motion mode switch.Finally, I want to say that the Malibu interior is not so bad, and the configuration is high, there should be, the top with boss audio, listening to music more cool, a pile of security configuration to use the peace of mind, he does not smell?In terms of appearance, Korean cars have always represented the level of appearance, and the appearance design is very young and fashionable.The large area of the interior is wrapped with leather, which shows the attitude of transcendence in texture. At the same time, the ornament of a small amount of metal and piano paint materials also makes the interior design more flexible and dynamic.The dual 12.3-inch connected screen composed of the central control screen and LCD instrument has a great visual impact. It is built with baidu intelligent Network 3.0 system, which is more understanding of domestic users. It is very convenient to use.At the same time, the intelligent driver assistance system integrating up to 23 ADAS functions is also the signature of Minto, with L2+ level of driver assistance system, which is rare among its peers.It can be said that the escort is safe.In terms of power, the 1.8L engine transmission system is matched with the CVT transmission, with an average fuel consumption of 5.3L per 100km. Fuel consumption and performance are particularly bright.Look, space, gas mileage, safety and other comforts at this price.The map is really a good car both inside and outside repair.In the comparison of Mitsubishi Game Song at the same level, there should be no comprehensive cost performance in all aspects of Game Song. The appearance is full of personality, and the “X” shape, “C” chrome plating and tusk-type fog lamps all highlight its youthful attitude, which makes people stop and look back.The interior uses a horizontal symmetrical layout, and the large leather wrap on the passenger seat is a design feature of Mitsubishi models, creating a nice texture.The safety configuration is very good, with 7 airbags, impact resistant body and other safety auxiliary configurations. It is equipped with a 1.5T turbocharged engine code-named 4B40, and adopts the mixed injection technology, which is relatively rare in the industry, namely multi-point electric injection + direct injection in cylinder.It is matched by the InvECS-III analog 8-speed CVT transmission. Specifically, it has a fast start, strong mid-course acceleration, and a little fuel can go up to 120.CVT speed is very straight, no shift feeling, very direct and very smooth.The steering wheel is light and accurate.The throttle is responsive and the brakes are tight.To tell you the truth, at this price, with the level of joint venture inside really can not find a few of this conscience configuration excellent control of the good car.I bought this car because of the handling, appearance, and safety features. The other drawbacks don’t bother me much.CX – 30 changan Mazda design sense is strong, the whole line is given priority to with simple, cute, designed to be very soft, interior contracted design style, combined with a large area of soft package interiors present mainstream concept, is in do not break movement, on the basis of creating a sense of luxury class, interior and sound insulation joint venture car should be the same price the best,Sound insulation this also benefits from the advantage of using more sound insulation materials, for the engine compartment and road noise can be effectively suppressed, will not let the car driver and passenger feel uncomfortable, the front seat comfortable, there is a certain sense of advanced.Powertrain 2.0L+6AT, power performance is still very good, it will not give you the general speed of flying, but it gives you a sense of stability.You run on hill roads, and the sharp and continuous corners are really easy compared to a car of the same price.It does not have much power, the gearbox responds quickly and downshifts actively. It is very common to drop two or three gears.Power aspect is enough, on the highway to overtake a car is very easy.Daily transport or no problem enough to use, drive out also quite fashionable, after all, the appearance level is high.The appearance of the Harvard dog as a whole is powerful and imperious, and the corners are round, not sharp.The body is tall and the rims are big.The two big eyes on the front face are lovely, and the cool black bumper is really handsome. The interior is a feeling of science and technology + tough, like full LCD instrument, 12.3 inch multimedia screen and a lot of technology configuration, which can meet the needs of consumers for science and technology.The vehicle is equipped with a series of safety auxiliary equipment, such as tracking reversing, chassis perspective, adaptive cruise, forward assist system, lane departure warning system, lane keeping assist, lane center keep, traffic sign recognition system, traffic congestion assist, which has the basic L2 level of automatic driving.Power is very sufficient, the traffic light start first, basically to the opposite side of the road, the car behind just passed the zebra crossing.Finally, I think tens of thousands can buy this configuration and this performance of the domestic car is good, gold is not perfect, no one is perfect, let alone a car, many people are also criticizing some of the faults of the big dog, but I think it is normal, there is no perfect car.