World of Tanks tactics and new: Two tanks together, invincible on the battlefield

2022-05-07 0 By

It’s time to update the tactics of World of Tanks. Take notes.Today’s updated tactics are arguably the most common and commonly used in random combat.Learn this tactic, later in the random battlefield, can dominate the battlefield, win a victory.It’s a simple tactic that works well in world of Tanks’ random battlefields.Since it only requires two tanks, there is no better strategy for random battles than this one.Here is a detailed introduction of the following tactical characteristics, you can carefully study.Alternate gunfire: It’s not uncommon for tanks to reload shells, some in the tens of seconds, others in a matter of seconds.When engaged with an opponent, two tanks firing at the same time will cause the same delay.This is just enough time for the other side to be ready to aim, so you need to take a shot before firing.With two tanks working together, they can fire alternately, creating a seamless fire coverage that reduces the time it takes for each other to attack.Siege tactics: There are a lot of bunkers on the battlefield in World of Tanks, what do you do if you encounter an enemy hiding behind a bunker?The majority of players are trying to fight each other one at a time, which is a waste of time and affects the overall strategy.If you have two tanks moving together, you can encircle them.You’re all familiar with this, where one tank traps the enemy on the front and another tank sneaks in from the other side and takes him by surprise.The method is relatively simple and easy to master.However, this tactic requires the cooperation of the tacit understanding of the teammates, so it is better to communicate with your teammates when fighting, after all, the players in World of Tanks are still team spirit.In addition, you can also follow the world of Tanks official account “House of Tanks” with your teammates, now the official is holding “daily supplies” activity, activity benefits are very rich.Like all kinds of virtual props reward and high jingdong card these need not say more, old players are known.It is important to note that this event also released the world of Tanks peripheral design competition exciting physical objects.Things like mouse pads, clothes, etc., are available for collection.In addition, the official has also updated a lot of activities recently, everyone can log in the game interface to see the official update of the special page, isn’t it very New Year atmosphere?The reward of the activity is also more than a fat, missed it is too pity.Join the activity and win your prize.Finally, in the coming New Year, I wish all of you who have played or not played World of Tanks a happy New Year and all the best, and wish World of Tanks a prosperous New Year and a more enjoyable game experience for you!