Small details big | buy games souvenirs the etiquette

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During the 24th Winter Olympic Games, in addition to athletes, winter Olympic souvenirs have also become a hot topic. What etiquette should we pay attention to when buying winter Olympic souvenirs?Today we invite you to study together.You know, check out the walkthrough for details;Don’t forget to book ahead on the official platform.Since the opening of the Winter Olympic Games, the surrounding souvenirs are very popular. Before purchasing, please check the online shopping guide in advance to know the details and choose your favorite items to reserve.You know, it’s polite to consult matters needing attention;Don’t forget to be flexible about how you buy.When making an appointment in the official flagship store or other platforms, consult the staff in time and flexibly choose online or physical store purchase methods according to your own time arrangement and needs.You know, specific categories and on-demand;Don’t forget to spend wisely.Before buying, make clear the goods you want, combine your actual situation, add the goods according to the demand, treat limited or popular goods should be rational, do not blindly follow the trend of buying because of a temporary novelty.You know, follow the rules and get in line;Don’t forget, wear a mask to communicate.When going to a physical store to buy, follow the relevant provisions of the store, queue up consciously when there are too many buyers, maintain the order of the site, wear masks, take protective measures, keep a certain safe distance from others, civilized communication, mutual comity.You know, scientific identification supports authenticity;Don’t forget to use properly and collect properly.When shopping online, we should identify the regular merchants scientifically and support the authentic products. After receiving the souvenirs, whether it is for gift or personal use, we should take good care of them, avoid damage and collect them properly.A thousand miles short step;Not small streams into rivers and seas.The details of civilization, though small, are “big little things”. Only by starting from small things can we make civilization become a trend in the whole society, and only then can civilization truly become a kind of appeal, cohesion and driving force, and then sublimate into a city’s name card, a country’s image and a nation’s spirit.