“Medicine MAO” share price continued to refresh low, Sun Fluttering return half a year, Hengrui pharmaceutical market value evaporation 140 billion

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February 14 news, A shares “medicine MAO” Hengrui pharmaceutical continued to fall, intraday fell more than 3.6%, at 39.75 yuan/share, hit A 52-week new low, the total market value of more than 250 billion yuan.Business World magazine found that Hengrui pharmaceutical’s share price fell from a high of 92.61 yuan per share to a new low of 39.77 yuan per share in the past year, a drop of nearly 60%, the market value of nearly 350 billion yuan.Interestingly, in the announcement released by Hengrui Pharmaceutical on July 9, 2021, zhou Yunshu, chairman and general manager, resigned as chairman due to health reasons. According to the relevant provisions of the Articles of Association, the company’s directors unanimously recommended Sun Fuyu, director, to perform the duties of chairman.On the evening of January 16, 2020, Hengrui Pharmaceutical announced that Sun Was no longer chairman of the board, and zhou Yunshu, then general manager of the company, took over the post of chairman.Zhou Yunshu resigned, Sun Fluttering acting chairman of the board, once again to stand before the stage.According to The weekly Business World, The stock price of Hengrui Pharmaceutical closed at 61.37 yuan per share on July 8, 2021. Since Sun’s return, the market value of Hengrui Pharmaceutical has evaporated by about 140 billion yuan.In the first quarter of the return of Sun Fluttering, Hengrui pharmaceutical released since the first quarter of 2010, the first negative growth in the third quarter of 2021.Financial reports show that the company achieved revenue of 6.901 billion yuan in a single quarter, down 14.84% year on year;Net profit was 1.54 billion yuan, down 3.57% year on year.The world of finance and economics, (article | weekly especially not regret)