Beijing Fu ‘an Cemetery price is what money?

2022-05-07 0 By

The cemetery price of Beijing is based on every area, the planning of the distance from urban area, cemetery area is very big in the difference on quotation, partial difference tens of thousands of pieces, also some even the difference that the starting price has tens of thousands of.Therefore, when choosing a cemetery, the first thing to do is to determine the budget for the purchase of a family, so as to choose a cemetery within this budget.And according to the price of the Fu ‘an Yuan cemetery in Beijing, most types of tombstones fit the budget of ordinary families.Beijing Fu ‘an Yuan Cemetery is relatively good in cost performance and environment, the tomb covers a large area, and the tombstone also has a lot of shapes, tombstone material is better, is a relatively good cemetery.The lowest price of stele in Beijing Fu ‘an Cemetery is around 7,800 yuan, which is very cheap compared to cemeteries in other areas that start at least 30,000 yuan or more.The above is about the price of Beijing Fu ‘an cemetery, the price can help as a reference to buy, after all, each family’s purchase budget will still have a certain gap.