Yue Yunpeng posted his New Year’s Eve dinner, which received 29,000 likes and 5,211 comments

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Yue Yunpeng is my favorite crosstalk actor. His crosstalk jokes with Teacher Sun Yue are humorous and funny. They are like The Titanic with henan flavor.Yue Yunpeng led the audience, together with the chorus of the scene is also vividly remembered, small Yue Yue grow festive, like to sell meng.What he transmits is a kind of happiness, also brings this kind of emotion to us, under various pressure state, listen to a little Yue Yue’s cross talk, can really relieve the nervous mood, and listen to deyun she’s cross talk seems to have the effect of assisting to fall asleep.Xiao Yue Yue’s New Year’s Eve dinner attracted more than 3 million onlooks and received 29,000 likes, including more than 5,211 comments in the comments section, and many netizens directly posted the same type of dumplings. Originally, xiao Yue Yue also loves dumplings, so let’s see if his New Year’s Eve dinner is hardcore enough.!The first picture is a vegetarian dish, which can be clearly seen as white lettuce. It turns out that Little Yue Yue also likes to eat vegetables. Instead of lettuce, he uses this kind of Roman lettuce, also known as Mosaic lettuce.This dish must be crisp and sweet. It must be seasoned with soy sauce and the feeling of scallion oil.However, it seems that the time on the table is a little long, the color “Xue Micro” become angry.The second dish is half meat and half vegetable. Some friends say it is fried, but in fact it is cold dish, that is, spinach mixed with pork liver.It is also a more traditional cold dish, which involves boiling pig liver with five spices and seasoning it with spinach. The usual taste is salty, fresh and slightly sour.The spinach is fresh and tender, and the pork liver is fragrant. Xiao Yue yue’s spinach mixed with pork liver is also put a little green onion, which seems to be a very delicious cold dish.The third course is the bowl of small crisp meat. Some friends like to eat fried small crisp meat, which is scorched on the outside and tender on the inside. This kind of small crisp meat after secondary processing is soft and glutinous and fragrant, which should be a local way of eating in Henan.If you are familiar with it, you can comment on it.It’s a fish dish, and it’s a croaker.Some fans friends think it is braised yellow croaker, but I think it is more like a steamed approach, looks good to eat, especially fresh feeling, but I want to remind the small Yue Yue, the large yellow croaker plate method is wrong, the fish installed in reverse, the large yellow croaker turned over on the right, next time find me to give you plate.This plate of dumplings is special, and we usually eat dumplings have the color of the difference, like this color dumplings are made with vegetables or fruit juice, and then noodles is the effect.This dish dumpling should be added dragon fruit juice just some color, small Yue Yue, you also too will eat, and you prefer to eat mutton dumplings, this dish is also mutton green onion?Any more?This dish is green dumplings, in the small Yue Yue table appeared many times, it seems that he likes to take colored dumplings!This dish of green dumplings, mostly with spinach juice, and then mixed with flour, package out of the dumplings is the same as small Yue Yue.Do not know what the stuffing is inside, see the extent of the dumpling drum yo should also be pure meat filling, it seems that small Yue Yue love meat egg dumplings ah!# This dish is a cold dish, with cucumber, fungus and tremella mixed together dishes, most of them are refreshing and greasy dishes, sour and crisp.Many people in the New Year’s Eve dinner will have cold dishes to clear the mouth appetizer, Yue Yunpeng is no exception, and I found two cold dishes have the shadow of green onion, but did not see garlic, don’t put garlic?This is a hard dish that most people like, braised pork with louver knot.Little Yue Yue’s braised pork also added tofu knot and quail eggs, the color is very beautiful, multifarious three layers of meat selection is particularly good, I believe the taste is not bad, burn also arrived at the time, see it is about to drool, this dish is also in line with my taste, small Yue Yue can teach practice?Netizens have also left a message, and even some fans friends directly with the figure drying the same dumplings, this friend is a direct copy, it seems to be Yue Yunpeng’s iron fan, how do you do it?What kind of stuffing dumplings ah, I want to eat!Friends, is little Yue Yue’s New Year’s Eve dinner hardcore enough?Hello, everyone, I am Brother Hui, I wish you all a happy New Year, good luck and peace in the first month!This is the flavor of New Year