Nine winter Olympics gold MEDALS today, Gu Ailing is striving for the second gold!Can Su make up for her regret?

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Nine winter Olympics gold MEDALS today, Gu Ailing is striving for the second gold!Can Su make up for her regret?The main torchbearers will be on February 15th, Beijing time. Happy Lantern Festival!Up to nine gold MEDALS will be awarded at the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics today.Xu Mengtao, a veteran of four Olympic dynasties, won the women’s freestyle aerials gold medal yesterday. It was the fifth gold medal for China’s Olympic delegation, taking five golds, three silvers and two bronzes to seventh on the Olympic medal tally.Norway’s sports delegation continued to top the list with 9 gold, 5 silver and 7 bronze MEDALS, followed by Germany with 8 gold, 5 silver and 2 bronze MEDALS, and the United States with 7 gold, 6 silver and 3 bronze MEDALS ranked third.The highlight of the day is the women’s freestyle ski slopestyle final, which starts at 9.30am and is divided into three rounds for the best result.Gu Ailing, a mixed-race beauty born in 2003, was 10th. The Chinese star athlete, who won gold in women’s freestyle platform, is going for her second gold medal at the Beijing Winter Olympics.Gu’s rivals included France’s Tese Ludd, the world no. 1, Switzerland’s Mathilde Gremaud, the pyeongchang silver medalist, and Estonia’s opening ceremony flag-bearer Kelly Hildaru, who was no. 1 in qualifying.CCTV comprehensive channel CCTV1 and CCTV sports channel CCTV5 will broadcast live simultaneously.At 13 p.m., the men’s snowboard platform final will determine the winner, with China’s Su Yiming, a year younger than Gu, competing. Su, who turns 18 in three days, ranked first in qualifying and is the youngest competitor.China’s first snowboard World Cup champion, Su Yiming, will try to make amends after finishing second in men’s slopestyle due to a blind judge.CCTV1 and CCTV5 live at the same time.At 9:30 a.m., women’s snowboard big jump final staged, China’s 19-year-old young rong Ge to qualify for the ninth place into the final, CCTV Olympic Channel CCTV16 live.At 11 a.m., the women’s downhill alpine skiing championship began, CCTV16 live, China’s Kong Fanying will compete.At 14:30 PM, the men’s 4×7.5km biathlon relay will compete for gold, with China’s Cheng Fangming, Yan Xingyuan, Zhu Zhenyu and Zhang Chunyu competing live on CCTV16.At 16:28 PM, CCTV5 will broadcast the final of the women’s speed skating team chase, in which defending champion Little Japan and sochi Olympic champion the Netherlands are the favorites to win, and Dutch star Jens Schoten will go for her fourth gold medal at this Winter Olympics.16:47, CCTV1 live speed skating men’s team chase final, the strongest Norway and the Netherlands are likely to meet in the final.At 22:25 p.m., the men’s men’s bobsleigh gold medal will be contested by two Chinese pairs, Sun Kaizhi + Wu Qingze and Li Chunjian + Liu Wei.Friedrich of Germany tops the standings.At 18:30 PM, the Nordic combined (men’s platform + big jump, men’s cross-country skiing 10km) will start the championship competition. Zhao Jiawen, the main torchbearer of the Opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, will compete on behalf of China, CCTV16 live.Can Gu Ailing and Su Yiming win as they wish?Welcome to comment!