New Year’s Message | New journey calls for new achievements of entrepreneurs

2022-05-06 0 By

Taurus quit the old year, Tiger sent spring.Looking back at the year of the Ox, we see a resilient and prosperous China, and also see the restructuring of the internal logic of Chinese enterprises, the restructuring of the realm pattern of entrepreneurs and the reshaping of the connotation of the era of entrepreneurship.In the New Year, a century of changes is accelerating under the impact of the pandemic, and the external environment is becoming more complex, grim and uncertain.China’s economic development is facing the triple pressure of “demand contraction, supply shock, and weakening expectation”. Stability is the top priority and progress in stability will be the main keynote of economic development throughout the year.In this context, it is indispensable to maintain the overall situation of “stability” and keep the direction of “progress” firmly.Market vitality comes from people, especially from entrepreneurs, from the entrepreneurial spirit.Of course, the new era has given us new missions and new achievements on our new journey.The era calls for entrepreneurs to be more patriotic, innovative, honest and law-abiding, shoulder social responsibilities and broaden their international horizons.One hundred years ago, Zhang Jian, who was eager to save the country from industry, paved the way for entrepreneurship with a patriotic background.From Zhang Jian, Chen Jiageng, Rong Yiren and Wang Guangying to the spring of 2020, China Architecture completed the construction of Huoshenshan hospital in 10 days and Leishenshan Hospital in 12 days.Cosco Shipping, SF Express, JINGdong and other enterprises are working hard to fight logistics support around the clock…Patriotism, in one hundred years of inheritance;Entrepreneurship, sublimation in the exam.Innovation is the primary driving force for development, and entrepreneur innovation activities are the key to promote enterprise innovation and development.From lu Guanqiu, who pioneered the enterprise contracting reform in Zhejiang, to Ren Zhengfei, who took out more than 10% of his income every year to engage in research and development, and then to Li Shufu, who founded China’s first private automobile enterprise…Since reform and opening up, the remarkable achievements in China’s economic development are inseparable from the efforts of entrepreneurs to promote the spirit of innovation.At present, more than 70% of China’s “little giant” enterprises have been deeply engaged in the industry for more than 10 years, with an average r&d intensity of more than 7%, becoming the “vanguard” of science and technology capable of fighting a tough battle.”Honesty is the way of heaven;Think sincere, the way of people also.”In 1985, Zhang ruimin used a hammer to smash 76 defective refrigerators, awakening employees’ sense of quality and creating a world-renowned brand.In the final analysis, socialist market economy is a credit economy and a law-based economy.Nowadays, the government takes credit supervision as a new supervision means to make the trustkeepers smooth all the way. More and more outstanding entrepreneurs strive to set an example of honesty and law-abiding and stick to the “honesty” medal.Society is a stage for entrepreneurs to display their talents. Only those entrepreneurs who sincerely return to society and earnestly fulfill their social responsibilities can be truly recognized by the society and meet the requirements of The Times.We have seen that in the fight against the epidemic, poverty alleviation, rural revitalization, and torrential rains in Henan and Shanxi provinces, a large number of entrepreneurs actively donated money and materials, helped with disaster relief, and provided voluntary services.They have found their precise positioning in the new era and completed value refinement in promoting common prosperity.Zhang Jian once said, “To run a province, one must have the vision of a nation;To handle a state affairs, one must have a global perspective.”Over the past century, expanding our international vision has been a necessary part of promoting entrepreneurship.Today, Chinese cars, Chinese roads, Chinese Bridges and Chinese ports shine in the world and create the name card of a major country.Trains, satellites, hydropower stations, clothing, home appliances and digital products are all made in China.Guanshan thousands of heavy, mountain high artificial peak.We believe that entrepreneurs embarking on the new journey will be able to ride the waves and overcome the current difficulties and lead their enterprises to a more brilliant future with their vigorous spirit, energetic energy and ambitious spirit.