Zhang Yimou reproduces the opening ceremony of the Rio 2022 Winter Olympics.

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Special correspondent of Peninsula all Media & NBSP;A press conference on creativity and program design concepts for the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games was held at the main press center of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games on February 5.Zhang Yimou, chief director of the opening ceremony, joined reporters from around the world via video to “re-create” the ceremony, which has already won global praise.From run competitions request to the final rendering, from creative thinking to impressive moment, zhang yimou stressed repeatedly, myself and the team makes every effort to in the backdrop of the global epidemic prevention and control, to create a totally different from the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games opening ceremony, it based on the future, emphasizes the “human, common”, express “common emotion to the future together” all human beings.It must be “different” from 14 years ago, On August 8, 2008, when Zhang Yimou and his team gave the world a magnificent and unparalleled opening ceremony for the Beijing Olympics.Fourteen years on, zhang yimou was clearly aware that the opening ceremony of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics would have to be different when he was given the task of opening the games.”There are two major difficulties in preparing for the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics.Creatively, the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics had to be different from 2008, so the opening ceremony team spent two years on ideas;Second, preparations for the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics will be carried out in accordance with the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, with training, rehearsals, team meetings, discussions and cooperation severely restricted.”Zhang described the difficulties in preparing for the opening ceremony.In the end, all the personnel made great efforts to overcome the difficulties and finally presented the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics which received wide praise.Unlike the spectacular opening ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Olympics, the opening ceremony of this year’s Beijing Winter Olympics was based on the principle of simplicity, safety and simplicity.”The requirements of the Beijing Winter Olympics are ‘simple, safe and wonderful’,” zhang said. “The opening ceremony is also based on this standard. The length and number of performers are much shorter than the opening ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Olympics.”The number of participants for the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics will be about 3,000, only 20 percent of the number in 2008.The opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games carried out the requirements of “simplicity” incisively and vividly compared with the “crowd performance” that impressed the whole world at that time.”We keep the flow, the performance and everything else simple, but we highlight the athletes.That’s what made the opening ceremony different yesterday.”Zhang yimou said the simplification of the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics shows the Olympic spirit by giving the athletes the most time to show themselves.The opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics differs from its 2008 counterpart not only in the size of the crowd, but also in its scale or simplicity.The deeper difference is also reflected in the connotation and significance of the opening ceremony.In 2008, Zhang Yimou wanted to use the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics to convey the meaning of China opening its door and introducing itself, so that the world could truly know China and understand China.But this time is different, from “I” to “we,” in Zhang yimou’s words.”This time we want to open our big hearts and show ‘we’.So the whole opening ceremony, the Angle shifted from ‘I’ to ‘we’.I think it’s a leap forward and shows the Chinese world view.”In addition, as the general director of the Opening ceremony of the Olympic Games again, Zhang yimou has done a lot of “dare not to think of in 2008”.For example, the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games broke the routine in the warm-up part of the host, emphasizing the “people”, all enabled the mass performance.”There are no stars or professionals in the hot show. It’s just Chinese-style square dancing that people love to see.Why do people want to dance?Because life is good, poverty alleviation, rich, happy life will be singing and dancing.”Zhang yimou said that the performers of the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics, from 5-year-olds to primary and secondary school students to models in their 70s, cover a wide range of ages and professions, and completely let ordinary people onto the stage.When asked about the most touching part of the ceremony, zhang yimou, a veteran director from northern Shaanxi province, said he enjoyed the children’s singing.In his opinion, it is the best expression of cultural confidence to reflect a kind of romantic feelings in the large-scale opening ceremony.”Only when you are confident can you present yourself in a natural, relaxed and happy state, free of pressure.”Why “a snowflake” throughout the Opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics, the most surprising link, when the torch lit link.Instead of the expected flame, a small flame burning in a giant snowflake has become the Olympic cauldron of the Beijing Winter Games.In fact, the audience can find that “a snowflake” is throughout the opening ceremony, which is zhang Yimou’s most ingenious design for the entire opening ceremony.”Chinese aesthetics pays attention to implicit and ethereal, focusing on one for ten and leaving nothing behind.Therefore, our ignition is the snowflakes of the world gathered together, in such a ‘inclusive’ scenario, a small torch is the best embodiment of ‘low-carbon, environmental protection’.”Yanshan snow as big as a mat.In Zhang Yimou’s design, the shimmer in the main torch platform “a snowflake” is a symbol of human civilization.Throughout the opening ceremony, Zhang Yimou hopes to convey the common emotions of mankind through this glimmer.”There is a saying in China that a single spark can start a prairie fire.”Zhang Yimou said that when humans were primitive people, they knew to carefully care for a small fire in a cave, hoping that life could be passed on from generation to generation.Inheritance is the original aspiration of mankind and conforms to the Olympic spirit.”Many of the ideas in the Opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics are about humanity.It is a difficult time for humanity, so we want to use the opening ceremony to offer warmth and touching.”Zhang said the delegation in the whole world under the name of “snowflakes” tolerance, small torch as a spark, let a person think of the great Olympic spirit, is mankind the burning passion and romance, it shows the human under the difficult time of that kind of warm, reflects the unity of human beings, and that will bring together for the future of mankind’s courage.While the world is still talking about the cauldron and how the flame will be lit at the Beijing Winter Olympics, Zhang Yimou has turned his attention to the rehearsal for the closing ceremony.According to Zhang, the closing ceremony will mirror the 2008 Beijing Olympics in time and space, presenting a “double Olympic” moment.”Immediately after the opening ceremony, we switched gears and started preparing for the closing ceremony.What is better this time is that the Bird’s Nest is not responsible for the competition, unlike in 2008, it is only responsible for four ceremonies.”Zhang said it would allow him to concentrate and focus on the opening and closing ceremonies of the Beijing Winter Olympics and Paralympics.”The closing ceremony work has started today, I hope to present a happy closing ceremony to everyone after the opening ceremony.””The athletes are the masters, and the closing ceremony is more about serving the athletes,” zhang said. “I hope the athletes will have a happy, complete and farewell mood.”In addition to the overall feel of the closing ceremony, Zhang also “revealed” some small ideas for the closing ceremony, which is to link the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics with the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics through a “time-series”.”The Bird’s Nest is the only double Olympic (opening and closing ceremonies) venue, and we wanted to have a moment at the closing ceremony to show the characteristics of the double Olympics, to show the feeling of going through history, through the moment, and hopefully that moment will be a highlight.”