Traffic illegal deduction points have major adjustment!Details to the

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From April 1, the road traffic safety illegal behavior score management method will officially come into force.The new rules add or subtract the current score items, but also adjust the score value of some items.The first points SiGai truck on the road, driving points higher, on the “worm” points the modification, thus increasing the types of the a record nine points, delete a record 2 kinds of scoring, of 23 illegal scorecard score unchanged, reduced the score to score 14 behavior score, delete 13 scoring, the score of expression and the parts of the split and merge.The number of postscript lines was reduced from 52 to 50.The new regulations maintain the intensity of penalty points for serious violations of traffic safety, such as drunk driving, hit-and-run, serious speeding, the use of forged and altered license plates and other violations, the maximum penalty points will still be deducted 12 points.The new rules reduce some of the penalty points.If the driver does not install the motor vehicle plate according to the provisions of the motor vehicle on the road, from the original deduction of 12 points to the deduction of 3 points, is the biggest reduction of the score.Driving a vehicle that does not match the quasi-driving type, without a license plate, deliberately shielding or defacing the license plate of a vehicle, etc., will reduce the deduction of 12 points from one time to 9 points.Some actions are not penalized from now on.Such as driving without placing inspection marks, insurance marks, not carrying the driving license, driving license and other minor traffic violations, low visibility meteorological conditions driving motor vehicles on the highway not according to the provisions, driving the design of the maximum speed of motor vehicles less than 70 km into the highway and other behaviors.The new rules added some deduction items.In order to strengthen the fight against “bug”, the new 12 points will be deducted for the traffic violation of “accepting traffic violation punishment and gaining economic benefits on behalf of the actual motor vehicle driver”.Among the six points deducted for a traffic violation, two new acts have been added: “Driving a motor vehicle to transport hazardous chemicals, entering the restricted passage area for dangerous chemical transport vehicles without approval” and “driving a motor vehicle during the period when the motor vehicle driving license is temporarily seized or detained”.Points will be deducted for the first time for the illegal act of “driving a truck on the road that changes the registered structure, structure or features without authorization”, and one point will be deducted for each time.The new rules also increased part of the points deducted points.Those who drive a motor vehicle other than an operating passenger car and park on an expressway or city expressway lane will be deducted 9 points from 6 points;Those who make calls to a hand-held phone while driving a motor vehicle will lose three points from two.In addition, the new rules also stipulate the score “blood back” method.For those who participate in the study of road traffic safety laws, regulations and relevant knowledge and pass the examination, or participate in the traffic safety public welfare activities organized by the public security traffic management department, those who meet the conditions can cancel the “blood return”, and the highest “blood return” within a scoring period is 6 points.