These two gambling dens were destroyed by xishui police thunder during the Spring Festival

2022-05-05 0 By

Xishui police arrested 10 people running casinos and participating in these gambling centers and confiscated over 50,000 yuan of gambling funds, 12 slot machines and 2 fishing machines on the night of Feb. 3.In late January, tuanpi police station in Xishui County, Xishui Public Security Bureau, picked up clues that some people had set up fishing machines and slot machines and organized people to gather and gamble.Subsequently, the police investigation according to the clues, found that the gambling dens in a civilian house, there are bosses, on the staff, cleaning staff and gambling staff, at the same time in the civilian house also has sentry personnel.To catch the gang as soon as possible, destroy the gambling dens, group PI quickly report to the leadership in charge, and develop a detailed arrest plan.2 on February 3 evening, when the time is mature, 23 police organized tuanpi, patrol more than 20 police officers, the gang netted, the scene captured the owner Xu, other “employees” and participants in the gambling staff a total of 10, collected gambling funds more than 50,000 yuan, 1 fishing machine, 6 slot machines.Through deep digging, police found xu in Wanggang town also has a gambling dens, overnight joint Wanggang police on another dens destroyed, the scene seized 6 slot machines, fishing machine 1.According to Xu confessed, during the Spring Festival home more people, through the decoration of fishing machines and slot machines, organized personnel gambling, from the illegal profit.At present, Xu and other 10 people have been detained by the police in accordance with the law, the case is being further dug, the next step will be dealt with criminal cases.The broad masses of residents should recognize the serious harm of gambling to individuals and families, consciously stay away from gambling tables, and resolutely stay away from and resist gambling behavior. The public security organs will always maintain a “zero tolerance” attitude to gambling illegal and criminal behavior, and crack down on gambling illegal and criminal behavior in accordance with the law.