Qingdao Industrial bank “I do practical things for the masses to build the people’s satisfaction of the bank” : dedication tree example to solve problems and difficulties show responsibility

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China Shandong network – the perception of Shandong February 3 news on the first morning, a customer manner hurried to Qingdao Industrial and Commercial Bank of the city of north two sub-branch business department, said that there is a loan two years ago today finally returned, but I do not know how to enter the account.After inquiry, we learned that the repayment received by the customer was a commercial acceptance bill, but it could not be used because the customer’s online bank had not paid for many years, and the customer could not sign for the bill without opening the function of commercial acceptance bill.When the staff opened this function for the customer from the system, it was found that the unit was an individual, no institution credit code certificate, so it could not be opened.At this time has approached to go off work, the customer is worried about the debtor renege, anxious.In order to solve the problem for customers, shibei Second Business Department urgently consulted the branch and learned that customers could add certificates through remote authorization under special circumstances, so it handled account change for customers at the fastest speed and finally received payment successfully for customers.The next morning, the customer braved the rain and snow to send a banner with the words “Work hard and serve well” to thank the ICBC staff for their excellent service.”Service without little things”, Qingdao icbc shibei branch sales department to make two bank of “people’s satisfaction” for the mission to bear, to solve the problem of the people’s “distress sorrow hope”, in order to convenient, fast, high quality, efficient, considerate service to win customers “true thumb up”, set up the industrial and commercial bank of good reputation and social image.