Laugh to death, read the high school final Japanese composition, I unexpectedly instantly understand Japanese

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Is recognized as one of the difficult Chinese characters, Japanese students learning Chinese certainly are much more difficult than Chinese students to learn Japanese, Chinese characters culture extensive and profound, complex relation between oral and written, in the Chinese homophone, polyphone, synonyms, polysemous word has a lot of, and the four tones of Chinese basic can beats a lot of people, there are a lot of Japanese students learning Chinese,Years of learning make mistakes.Such as the student, he is writing his study in China met Mickey Mouse in China, and then go home to A friend of China’s Mickey Mouse, his composition looks smooth, look at average roe or many, such as: Mickey Mouse and has appeared in A doraemon, he should be trying to say or has appeared in A Mickey Mouse and duo la A dream, but the word order is wrong, let people can’t understand what he want to say.After I returned to China, I told one of your friends about the strange cartoon doll, but I added “words” to the sentence, which became a sick sentence.”I have never been able to draw since I was a child”, this “son” here is a lot more, “once saw” he should mean the first time saw, this cartoon doll left in my mind.The basic expression of this article is good, and you can generally understand what is written and what the meaning is to express.This article is to write a Japanese student to go home for the New Year’s day, this article also has some language problems, such as this sentence: “I like to love it as its mother”, there are a lot of people see this sentence full of question, love dog?It is estimated that this student is unable to distinguish love and love, Chinese is like this, a word difference, may have a very different meaning.”Because you’re always going around it, it’s probably going to get bored to death.” I think he meant to say “around it,” which is the word “around,” but he cut out the word “around,” which doesn’t fit here.This is a study for three years of Chinese students in Japan, he wrote the composition of only two ill-chosen expression, “but really I’ve lived there for two months”, this is here not very appropriate, should be used as a matter of fact, in fact, know many “good students”, a noun quantifiers, behind can’t kamon, this student’s article expression is smooth,The meaning can also be seen, the small problem is not very serious, you can see that he learned by heart.Having read the Chinese compositions written by The Japanese students, now let’s look at the Japanese compositions written by the Chinese students.This Japanese composition got 13 points, the teacher drew out a lot of places with red pen, the back also wrote a large pile of comments, this is estimated to be a Japanese beginner to write out of the composition.The essay doesn’t look as neat as the last one, but the student got 22 points and had fewer questions than the last one.This composition is to write “Romance of The Three Kingdoms”, but the Japanese in this composition is very easy to recognize ah, “romance of The Three Kingdoms is one of the four great works of China”, “through the novel to know the history of China”, “daily meaningful”, this Japanese composition I as a person who does not understand Japanese, unexpectedly understand some.This composition is let me understand the Japanese, “my goal this year is very simple, is to learn Japanese well, my biggest goal this year is admitted to the ideal university, the New Year, I hope everyone healthy, smooth work, learning progress, can be closer to the goal…”This article is very easy to understand. It is estimated that the student did not learn for long.The Japanese essay “My Grandmother” looks good. It’s very neat and doesn’t make any mistakes. It just feels great.Students are free to choose which of six “foreign languages” they like best: English, Japanese, Spanish, Russian, German and French.For most students, can choose English, but English is also a lot of students “indifference”, many students can’t learn English, especially boys, sometimes “operation fierce like a tiger, a see 30-40”, grade are not like appearance, in order to let the child have a good of the university entrance exam, some parents will eye on the Japanese, let the children learn Japanese.Chinese culture had a great influence on Japan, an important component of the Chinese characters in Japanese, so the Chinese learning Japanese will be easier than learning English, Japanese is also very simple to get started, many students think Japanese is very simple, Japanese don’t like English, students study for several years, the college entrance examination in the Japanese exam easier than English, it’s easy to get high marks.If your child likes Japanese, you can let your child choose To study Japanese. You can also choose Japanese as a major in college, so that the study in high school can also lay a foundation for college. However, no matter what language it is, students should study hard to get a good score.To master the correct learning method, to listen to more, read more, have no time to read articles, so that can increase the sense of language, can improve the oral ability, let the language learning more simple.Multiple back, master the grammar foundation of the language and basic words, grammar master, the probability of the occurrence of a sick sentence is very small, basic words are the foundation of language learning, this must be mastered.No matter what you study, you should study hard so that you can learn well. It is not opportunistic to take part in the Japanese college entrance examination, but to work hard enough.