Who would be in the top 5 of the 2009 NBA draft?Griffin regrets his loss

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When is re-draft? That’s when players enter the NBA and are ranked again based on their accomplishments and strength.There’s really no correlation between a draft pick and how well you do in the NBA.Some typed out, some become gray goods.2009 is widely regarded as the year of the draft, a year when many of the stars in the current league are the biggest stars.Who will be drafted in the top 5 of 2009?Griffin was the no. 1 overall pick in the draft, but has slipped so fast due to injuries that he’s not even sure to be a reserve, let alone a starter.His career is too high to start low, compared to other players in his class, as a former no. 1 pick, he is really not in the top 5 now, it is quite sad.5: Rubio was the fifth pick.He didn’t drop water, he didn’t surprise people, he just played the right way.Whether it’s Minnesota, Utah, Cleveland, he’s a point guard.He’s averaging at least 5 assists per game, he’s scoring well, he’s defending well above average, and now he’s developing three-point.In this era, Rubio is still very marketable, his annual salary of around $20 million is a reasonable reflection of his value.4: Holiday is growing fast. He started out as a wing defender and now he is a top level offensive player.He was also a 20+5+7 player at his peak and a 15+4+5 player all year round.He played great defense, made above average 3-pointers and was a consistent starter on the team.His ups and downs have been minimal, but he’s a quasi-All-Star, and at 32, he’s expected to make a few more.3: derozan is a real surprise, now he is getting better and better.After changing the rules, his score did not fall but rose, which is the embodiment of strength.He has 20+ stats all year round and is also very efficient in singles.He has a second chance with the Bulls, and the team’s core is more inclined to be him than lavine.His key moment off the chain soft rib also overcome, 2 consecutive game, is the embodiment of big heart.He needs to prove himself in the playoffs now, when he will be a superstar.2: Harden was great in 8 years, but lost himself a little bit in nets.His scoring is down, his form is up and down, but he’s still the best quarterback.Harden, however bad he is, is averaging 22+10+8 per game, which is better than anyone at his position.He’s had an MVP and a scoring title, and he’s still at the top of his game, and on another team he could still be a killer offensively.1: Steph has nothing to say, he’s the best of his class.He’s been a consistent player since he won the unanimous MVP award, and now he’s back in 2016.Steph Curry is perfect both as a coach and as an individual, and he’s one of the most recognizable stars in the NBA today.His 3-point shooting is still unsolved, the Warriors offense is still top class, and as long as Curry is capable of 3-point shooting, he is the # 1 point guard in NBA.