Time has no mercy on people

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Life is cruel, long is suffering, short is life;Time is ruthless, get vicissitudes of life, lost is shaohua.However, life is far more bitter than these, since ancient times, love is the most sad, human love, true love is difficult to say.Don’t you see, how many birds with the forest, in a twinkling of an eye into flying swallows, how many lovers, instantly into strangers.The world is diverse, the road ahead is unpredictable, only in the companion, waiting all the way, all the way deep feeling, just do not live up to a god-given marriage, just do not live up to the life of jin Se time.When love each other, with sincerity for sincerity, with deep feeling for deep feeling, in the world of love, deep feeling alive.There are flowers and straight must be broken, with industrious hands, from the bush of thorns to gather the wreath of love, brewing honey sweet life, with a cavity of love in the heart, to deal with each darkest moment of life.When the wind, laugh at the fallen flowers, snow dance season, raise a glass to the moon, when it is dark, hold the lamp waiting.There is love to accompany the day, and then bitter life, can also write romantic love chapter.Sentient attachment years, then barren heart, also can give birth to the fragrance of spring.Hand in hand, without fear of years of wind and frost, without fear of human changes in temperature, more without fear of fate.Two hearts depend on each other, the bitter, hot, sour and sweet taste of the world together, the twists and turns of fate experience together, the rise and fall of life experience together, will be ruthless years, with the truth carefully embellishing, all the way to sprinkle sweat, sowing fragrance, all the way to harvest happiness, harvest sweet.Ordinary trivial days, because of the piano chess painting poetry hop ornament, add charming, boring life, because the heart has the company and understand, acts increase happiness.When the sun goes down, two bent figures, even holding each other, can also be the sunset time, decorated into a beautiful picture scroll.If one day, the flower of love, unfortunately fall, do not shed tears, do not need to be sad, still want to cheer up, continue to move forward.The dead have passed away, the living so, strong to live, is the most beautiful interpretation of life, strong to live, is the best explanation for the people you love.Years ruthless people love, if the flowers wither incense is still.The past has passed, but the wind will remember the fragrance of each flower, people will remember the deep feeling after.Treasure dribs and dribs of the past, harvest strands of fragrance, with love and warmth forward, with blessings and deep feeling, life even go to the end of the place, can also meet birds and flowers, open a new beautiful chapter.Long road ahead, there are always some affectionate encounter live up to, there are always some really encounter betrayal, add life bitter and trouble.Just ruthless people do not have to entwine, no love, do not have to attachment.Wave a hand, let the past wind, let love and hate zero, light forward, with bright, with deep feeling, to embrace the world, embrace nature, embrace life.Fortune always gives extra rewards to those who love life and love life.In the ruthless years of deep feeling alive, not because of the sinister world, become popular complex, not because of human changes in temperature, become depressed, not because of the fate to stay, become no fun, not because of the impermanence of life, become sad.The heart of a cavity love and true feelings, with the chest full of innocence and bright, with carved into the bone marrow of diligence and perseverance, to struggle, to create, to meet, to discover, always can find the truth in the ruthless years, always can find beauty and happiness in the world of love.Time ruthless people love, do a love life love their own love good people, BELIEVE that happiness and joy in the ruthless years, for us to stop and wait.