Recall the production team interesting things, indelible small country big world

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When I was in the production team, I was still small, but from the beginning of memory, the production team has many interesting things, from I get up more, because my parents have to catch up with the production team, they have to call my brother and me first, put on clothes!Production teams are busy all year round!Very busy, very interesting busy.Spring planting autumn harvest, summer is the busiest, engage in “double rob” is the busiest, busy even we these small fart children also have to help, or white busy, sometimes help, why?One, it won’t give us credit, and two, it’s a little confusing.However!Interesting things I will whisper to you: 1. We kids will drive our geese and ducks to the paddy fields after the harvest. We will help harvest the rice while grazing the cattle.While helping adults to build straw and push “rice bars” (a kind of agricultural tools to carry rice), while taking care of their geese and ducks, those geese and ducks are so excited that they can not control it, and often go to steal rice.They are a scourge, no wonder the adults blame us these small fart children too naughty, often let their own goose and duck wanton about two, admittedly, wanton much, the production team will be fined, almost every household has been punished, my home has also been punished, the final victim or I, why?Did not take care of the geese and ducks were fined beat bai!2. Another interesting thing was that when the adults were not looking, they stole away and went to the pond to swim. Not only did they swim, but they also went fishing secretly.Fishing silk, hook and other things, ready before going out, as for the fishing rod, you can find the pond edge to do it, you can also pick up a bamboo pole to use, even if you do not have a fishing rod, also the same fishing!Because those fish silly cute, the hook does not put bait can also catch fish, we these small fart children are all Ginger tai Gong!In fact, now also understand, not they silly cute, they are really hungry, see floating on the surface of the fish grass is very poor know (I still do not understand, when the fish grass is much, why did not adults dozen enough fish grass?)3. The most interesting thing is fishing for loach in the paddy field.I don’t know why?At that time, the fish in the paddy fields, no matter spring, summer, autumn and winter, are not short!Where like now, the name of the United States: fish and rice symbiosis, how ecological!Where is ecology?It’s all right if it’s obvious!When we touch the fish catch loach in production team of paddy fields, there are several time: (1) it down before the movie points nie to spray insecticide, early makes some lime, sprinkle with lime, after we these small fart child fart dian fart followed after, waiting to pick up by lime choked on fish and loach, perhaps eel!(2) in the flood in the rainy day, just quietly in the ditches, or rice paddies water mouth, use Yu screen or seive can catch fish and loach, don’t you go fishing, natural people will go fishing, although said that the biggest beneficiary is the villagers, but, we won’t forget let us these small fart children always lingering memories – the otter,We commonly call them water ghosts or water monkeys. In our childhood memories, some of our companions drowned in the pond, and the adults often took water monkeys to talk about it, so that we hated and feared the water monkeys!But we these small fart children are always remember to eat do not remember dozen, so secretly in groups to swim in the water, not happy!I have drowned many times myself, and strangely, almost every time it was the same person who saved me. Indeed, I kept swimming as usual!③ In the moonlight, by the side of a rice field, under horselamps, you can set up a fish cage in the rice ridges, or you can squeeze the fish. If everything goes well, the harvest will be full. Even if it doesn’t go well, you can keep busy all night and have enough food for a family feast.Even in the winter, there is harvest in the paddy fields, but it is cold hands and feet, but it does not prevent us from touching the loach in the field, and ah, they are so convenient in winter, why?Follow the loach nest “eye” to catch on the line!It only took a little effort to build a dam to cut off water and plate mud. Finally, the loach became a dish on the chopping board.Well, I said the funny things during the busy farming period, and I should talk about the funny things during the slack farming period. In fact, where is the slack farming in the production team? Even in winter and early spring, they are too busy to stick to the ground.Spring ploughing before the preparation of the work much to go to the ① winter did not busy finished refurbishing tian Qi mountain pond irrigation such heavy work, men shoulder carry hand, with a wooden pestle ramming earth, women, with a wooden awl cone soil, as busy very much!The scene, will show and all the men and women sing sing, some respite from dancing, if see production captain came, and daring people won’t feel embarrassed, also some people a bit embarrassed, will pass to our production team’s biggest cadres a self-marketing cigarettes, don’t HuiLaiShi, will do the same, HanHanDe laugh it off!Some of it was imported. I remember some of it was imported from Canada. Interestingly, the production team distributed fertilizer bags to each household.Made of clothes, I went through that kind of clothes, white fertilizer bag, nylon material, dyed it into dark brown, do clothes, wearing in spring, summer, a sweat stick to the skin, that kind of hot feeling, uncomfortable dead!(3) or the seedling bed, that’s a tiring work first by the production team, the men plow plow, the paddy plough and harrow, rest for a few days later, the production team of women turn appeared, they have to put the seedlings of strip strip block it out, you know, the spring weather ah, or frozen hands frozen feet, sometimes, rice paddies and icy?However, they still had to work in the fields, and they would ask for leave if they had to. If they asked for leave, they would have no credits, and if they did not have credits, they would have less rations. In this way, few families would ask for leave.(4) the most complicated thing is spring production team accumulated fat, although said that widespread use milk vetch to do then spring fertilizer, however, the production team of technicians in accordance with the above instructions from the agrotechnical station spirit, commanded the production team to do spring fertilizer, compost should use how many acres of milk vetch, the how many acres of astragalus sinicus in seedling bed, already planned out, just wait for spring to implement,Eventually the production team women’s labor, they had to be in the winter months or back in the cold, put up the milk cloud, a furrow to cut down, not with a guillotine guillotine, is chopped with a kitchen knife, and then shipped next year to make rice paddy next to a compost in the paddy field.2 in the winter is the slack season, in fact, the production team is also the most tired of the time, there are a few things enough to busy the players: ① At that time is just daxing Agriculture dazhai, how to learn?How to do?One is to learn from Dazhai in the construction of water conservancy efforts, not to repair irrigation channels is to repair reservoirs, in short, is engaged in water conservancy construction;Second, land clearing, I remember our brigade will be a primeval forest trees, by a dozen production team spent several winter, cut down the tree, is a plane after the roots (remember, our plane back the root of the intermittent burned up to ten years), where a little flat and into rice fields, and then is in the slope land into terraced fields, steep slope is still so forget it,The depression, can repair into the best mountain pond, anyway is the production team together, and the fight, fun!In short, through the hard work of the members of the production team, the farmland and the mountains and ponds have been built, and the village has taken on a new look.You might as well stand at the top of a look, rice fields, mountains and ponds of the water as a mirror, water and sky one color, like a mirror of the sky picture.In winter, the production teams are busy building brick kilns, burning bricks, burning tiles, burning lime, repairing pig stalls, cattle pens and warehouses.For bricks, tiles, lime, wood, coal, wood, cut down trees from the mountains.With coal, you have to pick from dozens of miles away.Picking coal is also hard labor, and all the strong laborers in the production team must go there, as well as the women. The strongest men pick the heaviest load, which is over 200 jin. My grandfather is such a tough man, and carries the load in this way all the year round.The average members of the production team are also assigned tasks. They have to pick back their share of coal within a certain period of time. Otherwise, if they don’t pick enough coal, they won’t get enough credits.Making bricks before firing a brick kiln is just like hard labor, just like making bricks and laying bricks for a kiln. All the members of the production team have to go there and work in full swing every day, especially when building and firing a kiln.Especially the kiln is burning to the top. Under the clear moon night, a group of small fart children are playing around the kiln. What are they doing?Either they were playing war games or they were secretly putting sweet potatoes in hot places and waiting for them to be cooked and eaten, but this was often the case. They might be taken away and eaten before they were ready, and if the family found out there was no way to avoid a fight!Crying, crying day shout ground, make the whole big siheyuan chicken dog restless!Of course, the production team was just as busy the next day. Who will remember what happened last night?The brick kiln is burned, and the lime burned with the brick is also burned.Lime is mainly used for two purposes: in rice fields, as mentioned earlier, lime is used for two purposes: disinfection, pest control and acid-base balance to prevent soil from hardening.’s second is building many places, when cement was very precious, production team building base on the wall with cement, multi-purpose “three plaster” (ingredients are clay, river sand and lime) actually, lime, and there was a very destructive purposes, is pounded into bottle into a powerful soil bombs, generally timid production team player is not dare to do,It takes a daredevil to make a lime bomb like that. What do they do with it?Fry fish!I have seen fish blown up with these lime bombs, but I have watched them from a distance, I dare not approach them at all.Of course, the lime in the farmer’s home also has a big use, is put in the bottom of the sugar tank as a desiccant, can be used for a year, the first year in the winter, the next winter, such as new burned lime can be changed.The biggest and most urgent task for the production team was to repair farm tools when winter came.Although these farm tools are nothing more than ploughs, rakes, hoes, sickles, etc., they must be repaired all the year round. At this time, some members of the production teams became blacksmiths and worked as blacksmiths.Some production team players became a carpenter, my father is a carpenter, as usual, he is the production team of production technicians, is responsible for raising seedling, and is responsible for the spray insecticide, remember at that time, yuan longping hybrid rice has started in our government in and my father as a technician in test in the field of hybrid rice seeds can be busy!Of course, at that time I was still small, do not know yuan Longping is which ah!Father is a busy man in the winter, not only to complete the maintenance of agricultural tools in our production team, even the maintenance of machinery is also his business, such as the rice mill broken, he went to repair, pump broken, or also his business, windmill water wheel threshing machine, what is broken, all want him to repair for it is!Alas alas, calculate calculate, say here, so far owe father’s love, or say it out, although he can no longer hear, I still say it out!That year winter, the father in the renovation of the production team of agricultural tools, is to use a saw saw wood, for me, silly at a side pick up will drop down the block, one not careful, I encountered the rapid pull the saw blade, left hand middle finger passing 18-wheeler, when my father sees, I already holding a drop of blood left hand crying on one side, the father immediately came to my side,With a look of embarrassment, he exhaled, “My God!What emperor should?”(Wugang dialect: how the meaning of the matter.)Fortunately, the injury was not serious, but it pulled a small cut. Fortunately, it did not hurt the bone of the middle finger.But I saw my father anxious to jump, while comforting me, while flying with me to run to the brigade, where there is a famous barefoot doctor in our brigade!The barefoot doctor laughed at me and said, “A little blood is as good as a little sweat, a man. You know your cousin?Get shot and still shout slogans!And he died of no cause!”Father in a listening will only ha ha, a full face of simple and honest smile, and do not know how to comfort me, and said that do not know how today, no wonder right eyelid early in the morning has been jumping non-stop.But in the end, I, a fool, told my father something that no one expected: “Do many people drown if they can swim?Uncle, can you chop your own foot when you chop an axe?”As a result, after returning from the brigade that day, when my father was cleaving the square wood with an axe, he really hit the root of his thigh. Although he was wearing thick cotton trousers, he opened a big hole in his thigh.Oh, look at my that piece of broken mouth, shouldn’t say that kind of words, is really the intestines all regret green!