Pansy Ho welcomed good news, the liquidation of rival companies, next year’s gambling auction less trouble

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After the birth of Pansy ho, Mr Ho’s business had boomed and Mr Ho already thought pansy was his “lucky star” and doted on her.Pansy Ho lived up to expectations, excelling at school and choosing her as his successor despite his brood of children.Pansy ho was also in charge at the time of Stanley Ho’s death, so pansy Ho was highly regarded.Pansy Ho, now 60 years old, still chooses to “fight” in the business world and become the head of the Ho family. Pansy Ho bears a lot of burdens and pressures naturally.The good news for Pansy Ho comes as macau’s gambling industry is set to resume bidding next year.The liquidation of the company owned by her strongest rival means that pansy ho will have a better chance of winning three gambling cards at the same time when she bids for them next year.With an auction less of a hassle, will the Ho family’s business empire expand further?As we all know, Stanley Ho has the reputation of “The King of Macao”, and the properties and assets under his control are numerous.Stanley Ho, who enjoys fame and wealth, can be called a winner in life. Moreover, Stanley Ho, who enjoys a lively life, prefers to have a family of children and grandchildren.Mr Ho has four wives and 17 children.Although groups of children are lively, but you can imagine that living in such a large family, there are sometimes involuntarily, pansy Ho is one of the most typical example.Pansy Ho and Chen Baiqiang fell in love, but Stanley Ho married Pansy Ho to the philanderer Xu Chin Heng.After her divorce, Pansy Ho reveled in the sense of success that business brought her.Pansy ho founded MGM Mirage with the help of her father, Stanley Ho, and has run it very successfully.And pansy ho has a unique vision, taking a fancy to the mainland development market, investing tens of billions to the domestic Shun Tak Group, now Pansy Ho and Richard Li “hand in hand”, the acquisition of Wayma Automobile, joining the “extremely fierce” new energy track.After Mr. Ho’s death, Pansy Ho stepped in to run the show, apparently having hand-picked her to succeed the ho family before his death.Pansy ho is under a lot of pressure to lead the Ho family to glory.Ho family can have today’s infinite scenery, is based on the booming development of Macao’s gaming industry.If Pansy Ho wants to continue to carry forward the Ho family, she must first consolidate this main business section.In the second half of the year, macau’s gambling industry is about to usher in a gambling auction, meaning to pansy Ho put multiple pressure on the time, did not expect pansy Ho this “lie flat” victory, usher in good news.When it comes to Macao, the first thing that comes to mind is the gaming industry.If you want to operate the gambling industry in Macao, you must first get the gambling card and achieve the major premise of legal operation, so that the gambling industry can go further.In 2001, the gambling industry in Macao ushered in the year of bidding for gambling cards. Originally, there were only 3 gambling cards to participate in the bidding, but later, as many as 18 companies participated in the bidding, the temporary increase to 6 gambling cards, owning gambling cards can be used for the next 20 years of operation.The Ho family successfully bid for three of the cards.At the beginning of 2022, Macao’s gaming industry has ushered in a new revolution.Due to the epidemic, Macau, which used to rely on gambling and tourism as its economic pillar, has experienced a recession. With fewer companies participating in the bidding this year, only three gambling cards will participate in the bidding, and the legal operation period of gambling cards will be 10 years instead of 20 years.That means it will be harder and more competitive for Pansy ho to hold on to those three cards.Pansy ho now owns three cards in the Ho family’s holdings of SJM, MGM Mirage and Melco.However, as the market changes, the position of SJM’s leading brother has long been replaced by Genting Group.What is genting?The ho family and Genting group, run by Lim Cathay of Malaysia, have also done well in Macau.Genting’s strength is reflected in its close second to Las Vegas sands, the world’s biggest casino firm.Genting is arguably the ho family’s biggest rival in gambling.In other words, if Genting participated in the bidding, it would be sure to win one of the cards, and pansy Ho would have two cards instead of three.While Ms Ho was trying to figure out how to win all three cards at once, Lim Cathay’s Genting Group (Hong Kong) had filed for liquidation.This is great, for Pansy Ho, the liquidation of her strongest rival company will reduce a big problem in next year’s gambling auction, and the Ho family will have a better chance of holding on to the three cards.Genting Group, which is operated by Lin Guotai, is also involved in tourism in addition to gambling.The world famous luxury cruise ships are basically from Genting Group, such as Star Cruises, Crystal Cruises, Star Dream Cruises and so on, and the assets of Genting Group are in more than 20 countries around the world.It can be seen that Lin Guotai’s Genting group is definitely one of the rivals that cannot be underestimated for the Ho family.Now, genting Group, its strongest competitor, is facing a crisis in its BUSINESS in the United States due to the epidemic and the stagnation of tourism, with a debt of $2.727 billion.In order to prevent genting group facing bankruptcy restructuring, Lin Guotai decided to wind up genting Group (Hong Kong).How could Genting have the heart and the strength to participate in next year’s gambling auction, given its lack of resources and weakened financial capacity?That’s bad news for Ms Lam, but good news for Pansy Ho, who has a better chance of winning three betting cards at one stroke with fewer hassles.Pansy Ho won the three cards at the same time, and with the gradual stabilization of the epidemic at home and abroad, it means that the Ho family will dominate the Macao gambling industry in the next 10 years.Taking advantage of this opportunity, the Ho family’s business empire has further expanded, and it may soon surpass the world’s largest gambling company, sands.Conclusion Now it seems that Stanley Ho was right in thinking that pansy ho could bring prosperity to himself and the entire Ho family.And Stanley Ho’s decision was not wrong. He chose Pansy ho as his successor. She is definitely the “winner of life” thanks to her natural fortune and hard work.Just as Macao’s gambling industry ushered in a new change, gambling cards become less, the fierce bidding “battle situation” is imminent, Pansy Ho is facing great pressure.The strongest rival genting Group (Hong Kong) but because of deep management crisis, burdened with a huge amount of debt, unable to bid with Pansy Ho gambling cards, let Pansy Ho less a big trouble.From this perspective, do you think the Ho family can once again go to the glory moment?