Kaiping: Implement the “Eight one” to promote the centralized management of hazardous chemical safety risks

2022-05-04 0 By

10 morning, guangdong province in the form of television will advance will hold the concentration of hazardous chemical materials safety risk management, to promote the province’s 2022 concentration hazardous chemical materials safety risk management work of mobilization and deployment, to safeguard people’s lives and property security, for the party’s great victory at 20 to create a safe and stable environment.Kaiping city leaders Yu Wenfeng, Tan Xiaohua in kaiping sub-venue listening to watch the meeting.After the provincial conference, Jiangmen city and Kaiping City successively held the promotion meeting of centralized management of hazardous chemical safety risks and deployed relevant work.At the meeting held in Kaiping City, the relevant town (street), the relevant departments made a statement respectively.The meeting called for a clear understanding of safety risks and transportation risks in the field of hazardous chemicals, a strong awareness of the red line and the bottom line thinking, vigorously promote the centralized management of hazardous chemical safety risks, and the highest and strictest standards to promote the transformation and withdrawal of “small scattered and poor” enterprises that do not meet safety production conditions.We need to firmly uphold the concept of safe development, strengthen our responsibility for safety, strictly oversee and enforce law enforcement, carry out intensive efforts to address the safety risks of hazardous chemicals, and resolutely prevent and contain major accidents involving hazardous chemicals.We must fully implement the “Eight ones”, namely:Convene a special meeting, worked out a general plan + N work, makes a report to the municipal party committee municipal government each quarter, to conduct a centralized management study and training and set up a special working team, carry out a concentrated propaganda, to return to work and production of dangerous chemicals production enterprises to carry out a full cover inspection, focus interview a dangerous chemicals production enterprise,We will ensure that all tasks of centralized governance are completed in an all-round way and effectively safeguard the safety of people’s lives and property.