Huizhou: Railway builders stick to their posts to ensure progress during the Spring Festival

2022-05-04 0 By

Spring Festival is approaching, many people have returned home and family reunion, but some builders still stick to their posts, silently dedication.Zhang Ping has been engaged in railway construction for 13 years. Now, he is the leader of the second frame team of the Guangzhou-Shantou Railway GSSG4 Project Management Department of the Second Bureau of China Railway No.2 Bureau. He has been fully involved in organizing the construction of bolodongjiang Bridge, a key control project of the whole line.As the person in charge of the site, he often exposed to the hot sun, only 36 years old but looked old and sober, during the construction process, he often had to shuttle in the woods by the river to investigate the site, but also often bee insect bites, a serious or even systemic allergy resulting in short-term shock.Zhang Ping, railway builder:To explore and to construction survey of the time, and when we come back every day on the body and feet are swollen, here is the red ants and wild mosquitoes particularly severe, another time when we went to the shoe by a bee sting, and then quickly may be less than half an hour, basically systemic shock, fortunately, to a hospital in time, when the doctor diagnosed is anaphylactic shock.Despite all the hardships, he never thought of giving up.Whenever he encountered difficulties, he always faced them with an optimistic attitude and kept his love and passion for work at any time.Over the years, he has organized and led the team to write summaries and programs, and has obtained 4 national utility model patents, 5 construction methods have been rated as bureau level construction methods, and are applying for provincial construction methods.In addition, 2 special construction schemes, 10 technical innovations and 10 technical summaries won various awards.Zhang Ping, railway builder: Our managers are all young now. They are eager to overcome difficulties and have the courage to challenge.This year is zhang Ping’s third Spring Festival in charge of the project, and he is still fighting with his team.He told the reporter that his wife and four-year-old daughter are in their hometown in Sichuan province. They are busy with their work and seldom get together with them. They miss them very much every Spring Festival.Zhang Ping, a railway builder, said: I either make phone calls or open videos every day. Children are very clingy. It’s a pity if I can’t see them.