Folktale: After raising a chicken for several years, it failed to lay eggs. The neighbors laughed at it. Monk: Keep raising it for a few more days

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Welcome to kongtong stories telling series, thank you for your attention and love.During the Song Dynasty, thanks to the unique terrain and climate factors, suzhou and Hangzhou were rich in a kind of high-yield grain. Hangzhou had a small town named Peach Blossom Town.It is therefore, hangzhou peach blossom town for generations to raise chickens and ducks for a living, honest and honest folk customs.It is said that the eggs laid by the peach blossom chickens are bigger than ordinary eggs, with thin skin and double yolk. Even the emperors and ladies in the imperial palace are especially fond of peach blossom eggs.Peach blossom town, west town zhang family, because home was old eight, said zhang old eight, zhang old grandfather was a powerful is a who, at the time also is a wealthy aristocrat, zhang old eight could have with the merit of the ancestral lead, however the zhangs’ parents’ generation, zhang old eight’s father is an amateur, YiMenEr idea to eat, drink, and be merry,Indulging in pleasure all day long, the family is slowly being emptied, which makes zhang family way down.But fortunately, Zhang Lao ba is dutiful, practical and capable, and especially charitable in weekdays. His wife is also a hardworking and virtuous dutiful person. They have to work at dawn every day, and they are diligent in raising chickens and feeding ducks.As a genuine farmer in Taohuayuan, Zhang Bajia is a big chicken raiser. There are four chicken cages in their house, which are filled with chickens and ducks of different colors. I’m afraid there are hundreds of chickens and ducks.Under the good care of Zhang, his wife and children, their chickens and ducks grew so well that other farmers in the town envied them.In a twinkling of an eye, the chickens and ducks grew up, and Zhang’s cherished babies began to lay eggs. He came and went several times every day, looking at the round eggs and duck eggs with a slight temperature in the nest, Zhang’s heart was happy to open flowers, not to mention how proud!But what puzzled him was that a chicken in the corner of the head of the West house had never laid an egg. He paid attention to the chicken and its nest every day and ate exactly the same as other chickens every day. This was very strange.Seeing the days passing by, the autumn harvest is over, most of the chickens and ducks are old, logically speaking, the chicken should lay eggs, ah, their family but every day on time to feed the chickens, a moment also dare not slack off.I don’t know if this chicken is not born, until the Chinese New Year has not seen an egg, this can put zhang Lao eight family to stumped, the chicken does not lay eggs, is not a monster, they raise a monster chicken?This spread to everybody can how look at their home, their family face is not lost?All the eggs and duck eggs in the neighborhood had been sold for money, but The chicken still did not move. The neighbors could find an opportunity to laugh at Zhang, saying that although Zhang was generous, his moral character was so poor that his chickens could not even lay eggs.Hearing this, Although Zhang Lao Ba was angry, although he was not feeling good, he could do nothing but hope that the chicken would lay eggs soon!It is strange to say that the chicken seems not to lay eggs, there is no movement, but every day after eating as usual in the corner of the sun leisurely, you drive, it seems not afraid of you, still slow.This completely let Zhang Lao ba puzzled, his chicken so many years, have never seen such a strange hen.It was the first time that Zhang laobao and his wife had encountered such an evil thing. In the evening, they discussed how to deal with the strange chicken. If it did not lay eggs, it had to be fed grain every day.However, there is a taboo about raising chickens and ducks in Taohua. They are not allowed to throw away live chickens and ducks, and they are not allowed to be eaten by their own family members, as this would bring bad luck to farmers and the town.Zhang Lao Ba was completely puzzled by this, and every day he looked at the chicken in a trance, his eyes glazed over.His wife could not bear to see him like this, so she suggested that he go to the mountain to consult an eminent monk.As the saying goes, cut the gorse.The next day, Zhang laoba took some silver and set out, trekking across mountains and rivers to find the eminent monk.The monk seemed to have expected Zhang Laoba’s return, he was very patient to listen to Zhang Laoba, listen to Zhang Laoba’s words, the monk leisurely said: there is a fixed number of good and evil in the world, the people ridicule, you did not give up, good and evil will be rewarded, you and your wife charity, noble virtue, maybe this chicken is your family’s blessing?People say that what cause, what fruit, the donor why so anxious for the results?The secret is not revealed, but the donor can wait.After returning home, she relayed the monk’s words to his wife. He told his wife and children to feed the chickens normally, and then kept silent about not laying eggs.Time flies by, in the blink of an eye is already the second year of autumn, this day, Zhang Lao ba is busy in the chicken coop, suddenly heard his son Shouting: Dad, come and see, come and see!He heard the sound quickly ran to the west head room a look, was immediately dumbfounded, saw the chicken around the corner kept walking around, he was wondering when he was a child, the chicken house around the wall suddenly became golden, and then the chicken actually began to lay eggs, more bizarre is that the eggs laid by the chicken is actually golden!With wide eyes, he picked up the egg. It was golden!Zhang’s chicken laid golden eggs!Good news spread thousands of miles, zhang Lao eight chicken golden egg thing suddenly wear the boiling popular, the next day the town people have come to visit zhang Lao eight will lay golden eggs of the chicken, for a time, the Zhangs are bustling.It is also so, the Zhangs fame, the golden egg for the Zhangs brought a lot of wealth, and later The Zhangs generously donated some silver, for the town’s beggars to build a shelter, from the zhangs and the golden egg story also spread for the peach blossom town story!I am your old friend Kongtong scholar, welcome everyone to pay attention to, home page has more wonderful articles, I wish you the year of the Tiger good luck!