Anping Bridge: the world’s first use of “sleeping wood sinking foundation” bridge construction method

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Anping bridge: the world for the first time, using the method of “sleep wood sink base” Bridges: anping bridge in the world for the first time China by applying the method of “sleep wood sink base” Bridges of the world’s first “sleep wood sink base” method is used to build the bridge across the sea in jinjiang waters along the border with shuitou characteristics on mudflats wood parallel layered cross, then base on the pressure stone article, thus pier foundation
Watch the video to enjoy anping Bridge.Ancient bridge and glow, constitute a wonderful picture scroll.Anping Bridge is located 30 kilometers southwest of Quanzhou City, Jinjiang Anhai Town and Nanan Shuitou town on the water junction, here is quanzhou and its southern zhangzhou, Guangzhou and other areas of contact.As the bridge is five li long, it is commonly known as the “Five Li Bridge”, which is the longest existing sea-crossing girder stone bridge in China.It was first built in the eighth year of Shaoxing in the Southern Song Dynasty (1138) and completed in the 22nd year of Shaoxing (1152).Anping Bridge is the land transport node between Quanzhou and the country’s vast southern coastal areas, reflecting the development of quanzhou land and water transport system driven by Marine trade.Its construction was the result of the joint participation of quanzhou officials, religious personages, merchants and civilians, which not only reflected the contribution of quanzhou’s diversified social structure to Marine trade in song and Yuan dynasties, but also reflected the economic prosperity and wealth accumulation brought by Marine trade to Quanzhou society.The bridge body of the strong anping bridge is east-west, paved with stone and protected by granite balustrades on both sides.Anhai Annals quoted the Old Records of Qingyuan as saying, “It is 811 zhang long, 1 zhang 4 feet wide, and 326 meters wide as a waterway. It is called ‘Anping Bridge’ on the list.”According to quanzhou city museum researcher Huang Zhenzhen, anping bridge has a total of 360 stone piers, rectangular, single tip boat shape, double tip boat shape and other styles.The bridge deck is made of huge stone slabs, each 5-11 meters long, which is the longest existing ancient sea-crossing stone bridge in China.For a long time, the anping Bridge, a great bridge project, has been praised by the public, with such magnificent titles as “Wolong” and “Giant Rainbow” shining in annals, literature, poems and odes.The Anping Bridge was built 85 years later than the Luoyang Bridge in Quanzhou, but it is much longer.It draws on the bridge construction experience of Luoyang Bridge, which belongs to the “long bridge shallow foundation” beam-frame stone bridge, but does not copy its experience.The pier foundation of anping Bridge not only adopts the “pile foundation” commonly used in the past, but also adopts the more scientific “sleeping wood foundation” method, also known as the pile foundation.This is another valuable creation after the raft foundation of Luoyang Bridge.When the Anping Bridge was built, the harbor road was muddy and deep, and the stone was easy to fall and scatter, wasting a lot of stone. Therefore, the clever people of Quanzhou came up with the method of lying piles to consolidate the foundation.The concrete method is to cross the toon wood in horizontal rows on the mudflat, and then pile on the stone bars. As the stone bars grow higher, the weight increases, and the wood gradually sinks into the load-bearing layer at the bottom of the harbor, thus laying the foundation of the bridge piers.”Sleeping wood sinking foundation” method is simple, and save labor and materials, this is quanzhou people in a large number of bridge construction practice accumulated, developed out of the advanced technology.”Sleeping wood foundation” can make the pier built on a solid foundation, enhance the firmness of the pier.The anping Bridge is east-west and its deck is paved with stone slabs.In the centuries after the fall of the Western Roman Empire, the technology of building Bridges in Europe developed slowly.The Avignon Bridge in France, built in 1185, is a masterpiece of medieval European bridge construction and the most groundbreaking large stone arch bridge in Europe since ancient Rome.The Avignon Bridge is located in the southeastern French city of Avignon. It crosses the Rhone River with 22 openings and is about 900 meters long.However, in 1668, the Rhone flood destroyed most of the openings of the Avignon Bridge, and it was never rebuilt.Historically, avignon Bridge was destroyed because its foundation was not stable enough. Of course, its builders did not understand the “sleeping wood sinking foundation” method used in Quanzhou Anping Bridge.Would the Avignon Bridge still be standing today if it had been built using the “sleeping timber and sinking foundation” method?Such questions may never be answered.The avignon Bridge is a broken bridge with only four holes left. It is also an important historical and cultural monument.Reporter Wu Vaccyun/article Chen Yingjie/photo