“Wuhan can do hangzhou business license?”

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“I didn’t expect to get a business license from Wuhan in Hubei to Hangzhou in Zhejiang. It’s so convenient!”On February 8, Ms. Tan, who has received a new business license, thanked the Dongxihu District Government Service Center by phone.On January 19 this year, Hubei Jiuzhou Yunzhi Technology Co., Ltd. planned to set up a subsidiary in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province for business development. According to the epidemic prevention and control policies, it will take a long time to travel to and from Hangzhou.Ms. Tan, a staff member of the company, came to the “cross-city General office” window of the Dongxihu District Government Service Center for consultation.After understanding the relevant situation, the window staff actively contacted the Market Supervision administration of Linping District, Hangzhou, and handled the establishment registration of domestic enterprises through the service area of “Inter-provincial tongdo” in Zhejiang Province.Through filling in information online, submitting application materials, and using face recognition, electronic signature and other means to complete identity authentication, qualification verification, the day successfully generated electronic and paper business license.Since last June district bureau of administrative examination and approval to set up “intercity through office” window for involving the market access of household bureau of public security, health care, civil administration and so on nine big department 106 high frequency item implement “intercity through office” this year the council on the basis of “intercity through office” push further perfecting the online data information sharing mechanism trying to establish contact with more units outside the province government affairs service items from the “intercity through office”The relevant person in charge of the administrative Examination and Approval Bureau of the breakthrough District said that it would continue to explore the cooperation mode with cities outside the province, so that more enterprises and the masses would run less, and more convenient matters would be handled across provinces, in different places, nearby, around and once.Source: Dongxihu Rong Media Center reporter, Xu Huiting, correspondent, Tang Jie, Ed., Liu Jie, Ed., Qiu Min