The difference between physical education and physical intelligence training

2022-05-03 0 By

Many parents and friends have such a question, sensory unity training and physical intelligence, PE is different?In a word, sensory integration training is to stimulate the brain with various sensations through various movements, so as to complete the connection of neurons, in order to improve the purpose of sensory integration disorder.And the physical intelligence class is the training of motor skills.It can be said that some items of body intelligence can play a part of the role of training sense system, but because of the different task objectives, training skills and requirements, training amount, the two are still very different.In the case of walking balance preaching, body intelligence teaches walking skills, and once the child has mastered this skill, he can move on to other exercises.But the same sense of activity training is touch and proprioception, even if the child has mastered the skills of walking, but also according to the sense of unity theory to achieve a certain amount of training stimulation, so as to promote the process of sensory development.In a word: sensory training is sensory stimulation, training is the brain.Body intelligence training is the motor skills, training is the body.