Pu Rui eye winter vacation pick mirror general mobilization experts popular science myopic surgery matters needing attention

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Myopic party trouble is really much, eating hot pot fog, motion frame is not convenient, not wearing glasses and said high cold, really too difficult!Very not easy make up one’s mind, should become myopic operation, but what to need to notice that day, hear that operation cannot make up that day?Today, Puri Ophthalmology will take you to understand the specific precautions on the day of surgery.1. Why can’t I wear makeup that day?To prevent infection.On the day of myopia surgery, it is not necessary to have clean eyes. If there are cosmetics or skin care products on the face, it is easy to have flying powder and invisible fine particles, which will affect the effect of preoperative disinfection and may even increase the risk of postoperative infection.Therefore, no makeup can be used on the day of surgery, including eyebrows.In addition, it is recommended not to use skin care products with high oil composition on the day of surgery, otherwise, makeup should be removed on the spot before surgery.Why can’t you wear perfume that day?Myopic operation is in aseptic, constant humidity, constant temperature of the operating room, from the environment to exclude the interfering factors of the operation.Perfume is a highly volatile substance that can affect the energy of the laser.Can’t contact the face part after preoperative disinfection?Before myopia surgery, the patient’s eyes are disinfected in a 5cm circle.After disinfection, the face should not be touched by hands, otherwise it will contaminate the surgical area.If a patient accidentally touches the face, it needs to be disinfected again.How does the body do unwell on the day of operation?When a person has a fever or a bad cold, his eyes are bloodshot with inflammation, and his immunity is low (the same is true for girls on vacation or during pregnancy), and the body’s repair ability is reduced. All these may affect the operation.Although they are not contraindications for myopic surgery, they are recommended to be performed at another time if there is no specific urgent reason.Winter vacation mirror general mobilization to Purui ophthalmology winter vacation, Purui Ophthalmology Group launched winter vacation mirror general mobilization activities, 50% off ICL crystal, femtosecond, 1000 frequency myopia surgery, 1000 yuan surgery voucher, and exquisite gifts, now there are winter vacation discounts!The friends that wants to become myopic operation, can do an examination before surgery to the hospital first, check whether oneself accord with operation condition, choose appropriate operation means again.Disclaimer: the market has the risk, the choice needs to be careful!This article is for reference only, not for sale basis.