Officer xuan!Harden’s sudden injury, the Nets’ plan exposed, the Lakers’ rejection of Wall, the stars remembered Kobe Bryant

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Beijing time on 27 January, the NBA in several news today, such as cuttino mobley ahead “rookie list, the lakers and Stanley Johnson signed a contract for two years, the rockets rookie and yoruba accept right wrist injury, in addition to these messages, the author also summarizes four fans are concerned about news, respectively is harden by injuries, the nets plan to exposure, the lakers declined to wall,Stars remember Kobe Bryant, let the author take you to understand the specific situation in detail.First is harden by injuries this season due to durant long-term absence through injury, OuWenZe cannot play home game, the nets just harden one big three normal play, this also lead to harden assume more responsibility, sure enough, in such a high strength and high intensive competition, harden is injured, the nets in today it was officially announced that harden because of his left leg muscle tension of the Denver nuggets,It’s not a serious injury, but it’s a sign that Harden is physically overstretched and needs some rest.Then the nets plan to exposure, the nets have reached a separation agreement and veteran Paul milsap, Paul milsap won’t play for the rest of the season, the nets need to looking for his new team, but according to the American media reporter, want to use the nets, Paul milsap in return for some assets, such as a can provide help to the team veteran round sign or future time,However, considering millsap’s state of serious decline, the Nets may be difficult to trade for the chips they want.Followed the lakers refused to Cornwall, in a recent lakers with less in Cornwall trading gossip is preached, and of course this is not unfounded, there has been a lot of relevant personage to confirm this news, but today the lakers with less fell apart in Cornwall, this is mainly because the lakers don’t want to send 2027 first round to sign,After paying so much to get Westbrook back from the Wizards last summer, don’t want to concede defeat and pay so much again any time soon.Finally, the stars of honor Bryant, local time on January 26, in the United States is the lakers legend and his second daughter jaina 2 anniversary of the death, but a lot of NBA star on this day all through personal social media to honor Bryant, including clay warrior star, the sun defender Paul and nets core harden, in addition to the players,Several teams, including the Lakers, Nets and Bulls, posted tributes to Bryant on their official Twitter accounts.